My next ebook “The Extra Men” is available for download

When you’re trying to become a writer, you write so many things. Random and whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes, you delete them off, and sometimes you feel the work is bad and leave it as it is and will start working on other stuff. I’ve done one such thing in 2014. 

It was a cold evening when I completed my novella. After writing the last line, I read it once again, and I thought the concept was too different and experimental. I was worried how about how much people will like it. I thought of deleting it. But, I didn’t. If I had, then I wouldn’t be writing this blog post that marks the release of my second book “The Extra Men”

A month back, nearly after a year since I’ve written the novella, I read it again. When I completed, I thought “This might work” I immediately sent it to a couple of friends of mine, and they really liked it. Then I thought “I was wrong. People like different stuff.”

The next couple of weeks is what led to the launch of this book. I’d like to thank my friends Bragadeesh, Mahesh, Sai Sriram, and Ambuja for being critics for my work. I owe a huge thanks to my friend and former colleague Ambuja who has put in a lot of efforts in editing the book. She was also the editor for my first book “Written with a Cursor”

And, I also thank Chennai Bloggers Club and its wonderful people for constantly encouraging my writing and believing that there is a writer in me. 

Without dragging it any longer, I am submitting my next novella “The Extra Men” in front of you. It’s a little short than a novel. But, I am sure that you will enjoy it. 

the extra men - cover

Synopsis of the book: 

On a drunken night, Ravi, Amar, Karan, and Jay rant about why they are single since birth and what’s wrong with them. When the discussion goes deeper, they realize that they are not the only ones who feel the same way. When they realize more than half of their town is filled with single guys and all the girls are either committed or married, they realize that something is happening on a bigger scale. When they set out to solve the mystery, they come to know there’s so much at stake than they had imagined.

Price: Rs. 67 ($0.99)
Formats: epub, mobi, and PDF
Note: Kindly unzip the file before importing it onto your device.


If you wish to purchase the book in any other currency other than INR,

you purchase it from Amazon Kindle Store.


I hope you enjoy the book. And, don’t forget to send me feedback on how you liked the book. 

You’re continued support is what has made me a writer. I am looking for more of your support to become a better writer than who I am today. 

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