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An amateur love letter to the girl of my dreams


If you’re the girl of my dreams, then I am writing this for you. Even if you’re not the girl of my dreams. Read it! No harm.

I am a beginner when it comes to writing a love letter. And, I blame our education system for it. When I was young, I was taught how to write leave letters, permission letters, apology letters (I guess that sums up my school life), etc. But, no one foresaw the difficulty every guy would face in his teens, or any time later in his life. If I had been given a proper training on how to write a love letter, you would’ve been reading a much better version by now.

I love you!

If you’re still reading this line, it means there are three possibilities:

1. You’re already married to me.
2. You’ve accepted my proposal.
3. You hate me, but you’re still considering the proposal (I know you always had a thing for me ;))

I not the macho-looking, serious-faced gentlemen who are usually cast as a second hero in most movies. I’m also not the hero type. I’m the comedian. The most remembered, least cared character in any movie. But, hey! I’m the hero of my life and I want you to be my heroine.

I’m funny. There is a general idea that funny men are irresponsible. Well, they’re smart and more responsible than what others think. If it were others, I wouldn’t be explaining this. But, its you.

See, the letter is taking a shape now.

I’d want to share so many things with you. A plate of hot bhaji on a rainy day, a bowl full of dindigul thalapakkati biriyani, and if you’re a vegetarian I’d share a plate of delicious paneer ka baap tikka. And, not just that. I’d want to hike with you, run a marathon with you (I know you will complete it, and I will be running for the free T-shirt)

To put it simply, I’d never let you go.

I guess my letter is a little too bland and nice. What else can you expect from a guy who has been friend-zoned all his life. Well, the romantic side of me is a little rusty. Needs a lot of work.

I’ve read somewhere that everybody shares the same destiny, and the journey is the one that makes all the difference. And, I want you to be the one who makes my journey worthwhile.

I’m ending my letter here as I know that the average current generation human wouldn’t read more than a few hundred words. I don’t want you to fall asleep and wake up thinking I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with such a boring person.

I love you! and I will, forever.

Should I put regards or thanks here?

Let me just write my name.


This post is written as part of Write a love letter campaign by Chennai Bloggers Club

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Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. Prithvi Prithvi

    “Three possibilities” EPIC 😀

    • rkarthikpasupathy rkarthikpasupathy

      Ha ha! thank you ! 🙂

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