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Deciphering a girl’s profile on Tinder: Mission impossible

Tinder is slowly picking up pace in India. For those who don’t know what is Tinder, it is a popular online matchmaking/dating app that lets you find singles in your area. Based on your location, you will be shown pictures of single men/women in your area and if you like them you swipe right and if you don’t you swipe left. If they also like you, then you get to chat inside the app. You can then decide to go on a date, or if you find the person boring, you break it off and move on to swiping the next batch of singles.

Recently, I came across several articles about Tinder and I thought “Why not install the app and see what the hype is all about?”

So, a couple of months back, I installed the app. But, nothing happened until now.

But, that’s not what I am here to talk about. I am here to talk about this really confusing trend, where there are pictures of two girls in a Tinder profile.

A Tinder profile is meant for a single person.

But, sometimes when I swipe across , I see two girls in a selfie. I tap on the profile, and I see that all their pictures have those two girls in them. Sometimes even more.

I cannot understand the logic.

Does this mean I get to date both of them if I swipe right? Is that a package deal?

I don’t know!

This makes the decision-making process worse. I wouldn’t be writing if both the girls in the picture are good-looking. I would’ve swiped right and kept quiet. But, the catch is one of them will be good-looking and one of them won’t be good looking. I mean, why confuse the guy.



For those who say “Don’t look at how she looks. Look at the beauty of her heart” and all those things, let me tell you something. In apps like Tinder, you don’t know anything about the girl other than her face and the name. So, how she looks matter.

And, a not so good looking girl posing with her pretty friend in all the photos doesn’t mean she is not beautiful inside. It means that she lacks the confidence to carry herself. Why do that? Why not put a picture of yourself and describe who you are. Most guys respect that.

The good looking girls? Why post a picture with your average looking friend and make it your profile picture on Tinder. You’re not just confusing the guy, but you’re also hurting the feelings of the girl when you get to go on dates and she’s not. How does she feel when she finds out that you are making her stand by your side to make yourself look prettier in the picture.

Sorry to be rude. But, this is how I find it.

Most guys never put up a profile picture on Tinder with his friend by the side of him. If they do and if the girl says yes, there will be a confusion about whom did she say yes for, and they will end up in a fight.

And pictures of actresses as their profile picture. This is a dating app for god’s sake. Why portray yourself as someone else? This applies to guys too. If you do not have the confidence to show your true self, please stop using services like this.

And some post pictures of Dogs and Cats. Man! This goes on and on. But, this is not the worst. I’ve read that several Japanese men use pictures of electric rice cookers on their online dating profiles. Weird!

My point?

For those who’re creating Tinder profiles, guys or girls, be confident about who you are. Post a picture of yourself and describe your true self. If a guy or girl doesn’t like you, someone else will. It’s just a matter of time.

I’ve posted my picture and wrote about my true self on Tinder. Any luck? No. But, will posting a picture Chris Hemsworth get me a date? Funny right?

Be yourself. And, if others didn’t respect that, don’t give a shit. Just move on. Life doesn’t end with someone swiping left on you. It’s got more to it.

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