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My Blog Will Be Taking a New Direction

Hello Everyone,

When I started my blog in 2013, my only goal was to improve my writing habit. I did not put so much thought into what I am going to write in my blog. Until now, I write blog posts on random topics. I even found my tagline “Specialist in Mastering Nothing” to be cool.

But, recently I realized that specialization is the key to becoming a serious blogger. When people ask me “what do you blog about?”, I often say “I don’t know!…random stuff”. I feel that shouldn’t be an answer coming from someone who blogs for more than three years. I personally feel that that doesn’t make me look like a serious blogger.

I want to come out of it.

From now on, I will try to reduce the number of random posts in my blog. I have decided to write on three important domains, which I think shapes our culture and society today. They are:

Food, Technology, and Health. 

Personally, I consider this an experiment – similar to how I started my blog in 2013 to improve my writing skills. The goal of this experiment is to become a serious blogger.

I personally thank every one of you for the support you’ve been giving for my blog. Nothing would’ve been possible without you guys! I am grateful and will always be.

Looking forward for your continued support.


Karthik Pasupathy


Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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