3 Places to Have Lip Smacking Non-Veg Food Under 100 Rupees.

Most of us won’t have much left in our bank account after the first two weeks. (Or by the end of the first week itself!)

With few more weeks to go, we can’t compromise on our necessities like hanging out with friends, watching movies, and eating our favorite food!

What if I tell you that there are a few amazing places in Chennai where you could taste lip smacking non vegetarian dishes for Rs.100 or less!

I know what you’re thinking…Too good to be true right?

It is true and the dishes are too good 🙂

Kebab Centre (Near Beach Station)

If you want to have amazing, out of the world beef sheek kebabs, then this is your place.

The place is located a few hundred meters from Chennai Beach station and is by far the best sheek kebab I had in Chennai. Before this, the best sheek kebab I had was in Karim’s, New Delhi in 2016. It was Juicy, greasy, and tasted amazing (that was mutton!). After that, I’ve tried Kebabs in several places, including Hyderabad, but no luck. Bademiyan’s Kebab rolls in Mumbai was close, but I wasn’t able to experience the exact same taste as Karim’s.


But, kebab centre brought back the memories of Karim’s. The Kebabs were well cooked, juicy, and melted in my mouth.

Note: I should thank my friend Zeeshan for taking me to the place.

Price: Two pieces of beef sheeks cost Rs. 80. (And, you won’t just have two!)

Other dishes to try: Chicken/Beef Katti Roll

You can find another detailed review of the joint by clicking here.

The Kati Roll Shop (Gopalapuram)

This joint was our hangout place for the past two years. The place makes amazing Katti rolls. They’re a bit expensive (Ranging from Rs. 90 – Rs. 180), and each roll is definitely an explosion of flavours. The sauce, the pepper, and the pieces of boneless tikka is a treat to your taste buds. 

They sell rolls in two sizes: Single and double. I don’t know what does single mean as I always went for the double 🙂


Price: Rs. 90 – Rs.180 (The day’s specials might cost more)

Locations: Gopalapuram, Thoraipakkam, and Besant Nagar

Savoury Sea Shell

If you like Shawarma, then Sea Shell is one of the places to resort to. Their rolls will have the right blend of onions, meat, and mayonnaise, making it a perfect evening snack for your hungry stomach.


Also, apart from other places they have three variants of Shawarma:

  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Mexican Shawarma (a notch spicier than the former)
  • Mutton Shawarma

Sea shell is spread across several locations across Chennai. So, where ever you are, you can grab one of these on the go.

Price: Rs.80- Rs. 100

Locations: Present in 5 locations across Chennai.

Try these places and tell me if you like the recommendations. Got other cool places in your list? Please send me an email to kart168@gmail.com.

Until next time 🙂


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