Best places in Chennai to have Amazing French Fries

Everyone loves French fries!

In spite of knowing that they’re deep-fried and loaded with calories, we never say no to a plate of French fries.

I’ve had amazing french fries in so many places, but a few of them stay fresh in my memory. Today, let’s take a look at a couple of places in Chennai where you can have an awesome serving of French fries.

Cheesy Gooey Fries at Brick House Bistro

When I read reviews about this place, I saw a lot of people talking about the “Cheesy gooey fries”. When I ordered one for myself, I was amazed the see the quantity of French fries layered on a bowl with different types of cheese seen melted between those layers. It also had pieces of sausage as topping.

Source: Zomato

The dish tasted amazing. Potato, cheese, and sausage. What more can a person ask for!

Price: Rs. 185

Shanghai Potatoes at Orange Wok

I’ve recently been to this place and I wasn’t in a mood to have non veg. So, I thought of ordering something veg. The waiter suggested Shanghai potatoes.

source: ndtv

I was served a plate of French Fries roasted with a blend of sauces that gave it a mild sweet flavour. The sweetness did not dominate the dish, but blended perfectly with the taste of the Fries. With every bite, you can feel the sweetness at first, followed by the taste of fried potatoes. The nice blend of flavours gets acquired over time making you want to eat more.

I loved it so much I took my mom the next week and had the same thing for starters.

Worth your money!

Price: Rs. 185

Cheesy Fries at Burger King

If you wish to have a budget friendly version of the cheesy fries, Burger King is your spot. You can get a small serving of cheesy fries (usual french fries topped with hot molten cheese) which taste good. Have it along with the massive mutton whoppers to have the best experience.

Image: Google Images

Price: Rs. 85 (of course the taxes would be added!)

Try these places and tell me about your experience. Know some place that serves awesome food!? Share it with me.

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