Best Places in Chennai to have Amazing Ice creams – Guest post by Kripasri

I scream. You scream. We all scream.

For Icecream!!!!!

Every meal can be considered excellent only after a decadent and delectable dessert in tow with it. In this context, we list down few of the best dessert joints in Chennai (according to our taste buds).

Ellai kulfi anna

Place – somewhere opposite to Vivekananda house, Marina beach

Served in dried and patched banana leaves, we can savor one of the best kulfis in town. How does this kulfi differ from others? – Promptly comes the Anna’s reply : ‘We use the best ingredients and don’t use any artificial flavors. We condense the whole fat milk for about 6 hours and add Almond paste to it for the flavor. Later while pouring in to the molds, we use whole dried fruits for that extra crunchy texture.’
Best time to visit – 9 PM to 12:30 AM, every day.
Priced at 30 Rs per piece

Eighteen below

Place – Any Sathyam theatre café lounge, Jazz cinemas.

Sathyam cinemas are famous for its popcorn. But a less known fact is that, it serves few of the awesome flavors of ice creams. These naturally flavored vegetarian ice creams come with a variety of toppings, beaten on a cold stone for the perfect slurp. Those chunky bits of chocolate goodness placed  between vanilla bean ice-cream are sure to blow your mind.

Priced at 150 Rs for 2 scoops.


Place –Nungambakkam

Sourcing all their products directly from Switzerland, this place holds some of the creamiest ice-cream available. Its double almond flavor being people’s favorite, we can also build up our own sundae. A spoon of ice-cream in the mouth and it melts softly on our palette, though it burns quite a big hole in our pocket.

Priced from 300 Rs onwards.

Creamy Inn

Place – Chetpet, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar

A wonderful variety and combination of softies which can be doubled up as sundaes as well are the major highlights of this joint. Be it the creamy milkshakes which is made with only the icecream, or the hard cracking choco shell in a choco dip, each item on the menu is a highlight.

Priced from 40 Rs onwards.

Milky way

Place – Egmore

This place is the pioneer for softies in Chennai. I remember having my first softie icecream from Milky way when I was 6 years old. I still feel same urge and excitement, while swirls of softies are being doled out in crunchy waffle cones. They have special milkshakes too which doubles up as drink and mild snack with choco chips or nuts to munch on. Overall, a fantastic experience to be savoured.

Fruit Shop on greams road

Place – Greams road (Obviously)

As the name suggests, this shop churns out some of the best serving fresh fruit juices and milkshakes. Jughead special, beach boy and sheik’s shake are few of the wonderful creations that they serve. Their caramel custard and dream dessert is something which cannot be missed. It serves as a party in the mouth.

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