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Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing

I was recently skimming through Goodreads to find the next book I wanted to read and I stumbled upon the book “The kind worth Killing” by Peter Swanson.


The plot looked pretty usual, but the reviews were praising so much about the book. I was a little hesitant to pick up the book considering my previous experiences. But, my mind kept going back and forth telling me to give the book a shot. So, I got a copy of it on my Kindle and started reading. I read the first few pages and by the time I realized I was 80% done with the book. I was then unable to keep the book down. So, I sat down and completed the whole book. It was amazing!

As a reader, I liked the book for the following reasons:

No bullshit

The author directly goes into the story right from the first line of the first chapter. No weather descriptions, thrilling prologues, and stuff. He draws us into the conversation between the main characters and you instantly get hooked. By the end of chapter one you would want to read the rest of the chapters.

Excellent use of first person narrative

The novel is written in the first person perspective. But, the beauty is, the first person narrative is not canned to one character. Almost all the characters in the novel have a chapter written with their first person narrative. This was pretty innovative and the thing I wonder is the ability of Peter to pull this off. This style of writing did not come off as awkward. Instead it makes the plot more interesting.

Gripping Characters

The characterization in the book is amazing. Especially the character of Lily. It was deep, dark, and brilliant. Every character is powerful in its own way and is written in such a way that you cannot ignore anyone. Everybody has a part to play and that is what makes this book a complete thriller.


When I thought I had reached the climax of the book, I was wrong. There was one last page and I was like “what could happen in one page”. And, it happened, the last page is the real shocker. Peter Swanson made complete justice to the story with such an awesome ending.

My verdict

If you love thrillers, I would definitely recommend this novel. Its short, fast-paced and has interesting characters. And, Peter Swanson’s got an amazing writing style.

Rating: 4/5

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