My Experience with Dialogue in the Dark

Two weeks back, I got invited for an interesting dining experience. Chennai Bloggers Club chose me to be part of a small bunch of bloggers to experience Chennai’s new, one of a kind restaurant “Dialogue in the Dark”.

So, what is so special about this place?

When I googled a bit, I came across their website which said “Taste of Darkness. Experience food like never before.”

All this snowballed into an expectation when I reached the doors of the place on Saturday.

I was welcomed by Ananth, manager of the restaurant. He explained the concept of the restaurant. Once we enter the restaurant, we will be completely surrounded by darkness. We will have to use our other senses in order to find our way inside the place. The introduction was interesting.

After the brief introduction, myself and the other bloggers who were invited for the experience were asked to line up for the experience. Once we entered the place, the door was shut behind us. The next 90 minutes was amazing. The place was run by visually challenged people and they helped us through the entire experience. They helped us cross a shaking bridge, play cricket, identified objects, etc. And, everything was in complete darkness.

And, then we were taken to the dining area our lunch was served. One the whole, it was a nice experience.

But, there are a few things that I am a little concerned about. I am writing them here as part of my review.

Even though they introduced the restaurant concept, they are yet to figure out a few things there. First of all, we don’t get to choose the food. Its either veg or non veg and the menu is the choice of the management. I understand that it is a surprise. But, what if I did not like it? What will happen then?

I was served a sweet tasting pulao which I was not very much interested in. This could give a bad experience to a few visitors.

The second thing is quantity. They serve lunch in a stainless steel tiffen box, like the one they gave you when you were a kid. It was small. The quantity is not enough for an adult. And, it was definitely not worth the Rs.349 + taxes they’re charging for the food.

The place is good and gives you a nice experience. But they need to improvise in terms of food, its variety, and the quantity. At the end of the day, a restaurant will not be judged by the ambience or the unique concept but only for the quality and the quantity of the food.

I hope they take this inputs and implement them. I would definitely want to go there again.

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  1. Hi Karthik… This is ur first blog I am reading because of the name dialogue in the dark.. my experience was wonderful der.. one of the best place to realise how bad we are with our perception.. I have attended this at EA, CHENNAI.. food is provided so that ppl at least will come to that place.. you are surrounded by complete darkness and u we’re guided by few ppl.. have u met them ? They are visually impaired who guided me and my team for 3 hours..I urge ppl to explore this concept (apart from food) and explore urself.. thanks

    1. Hi Siva,

      Thank you for your comment. I liked the experience too. I met Mr. Rathnavelu, who guided me through the entire experience. He was such a nice man. My only concern was they should tweak the restaurant experience to fit everyone.

      If they succeed in doing that, this place reach great heights.

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