Inside Edge Series: A Review

I’ve always wanted to watch an Indian series that is as good as anything that was made in the West. My long wait was recently fulfilled by “Inside Edge”, an original series by Amazon.

When I started with the first episode, I did not have any expectations. But, as the series went further I got drawn into the story. It had the right blend of drama and suspense, bound together by crisp screenplay and an amazing cast.



The series revolves around the T20 cricket team Mumbai Mavericks and the pressure they face when they get a new co-owner who also happens to run a match fixing Racket.

Zarina Malik (Richa Chada), the slowly fading superstar of Bollywood, owns the Mumbai Mavericks for six years. When one of the investors backs off, she was pushed to bring in a new co-owner. Vikrant Dhawan (Vivek Oberoi), who runs an elite match fixing racket, uses this opportunity to swoop in. He buys co-ownership of the team and slowly tries to bring players to his side. He also threatens those who did not budge to his will. When Zarina Malik finds out about this, she has choose between money and her team. What did she choose and who had won makes the epic season finale.

The characters are deep and lively. And, the entire cast that plays the Mumbai Mavericks walk and breathe like cricketers. The actors who play Arvind, Vayu, and Prashant were natural and compete each other with their screen presence.

The makers of the series wanted to try something like “House of Cards”. It was evident everywhere. The title theme, the characterization of Vivek Oberoi, his relationship with his wife, his secretary who resembles Doug Stamper. But, the borrowing of ideas did not spoil the core story as the director tried to bring in his own style in the making.

When mentioning about the series, I shouldn’t forget to mention the season finale. The last episode was normal until the last twenty minutes. For a moment I was like “what the..!” It was shocking and exciting.

Its great to see Amazon come up with original content for India. I look forward to more such content providers to bring such quality shows to the Indian audience. There are other players like Hotstar, ALT Balaji, etc. But, Amazon stands out with it amazing cast and a huge budget.

Verdict:¬†Inside Edge brings out the darker side of cricket. ¬†Can’t wait to watch season 2

Rating: 8/10

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