My 30-day vegan challenge

I recently took a challenge where I decided to go vegan for 30 days.

Yes. You heard that right.

For people who know me as someone who went all the way to Madurai just to eat Mutton biriyani and Kari Dosai, this could come as a surprise. It is, even for me! But, I wanted to give it a shot!



What made me come up with the idea?

Last month, I saw a hard hitting documentary that showed the ill effects of those who eat a lot of meat. The documentary titled “What the Health” talks about how government organizations promote meat, eggs, and milk in spite of knowing that they’re harmful to our body.

Reason? Meat producers, aerated beverage makers, and milk companies sponsor huge amount to these organizations, asking them to promote their products in a good way. The documentary was shocking. It also showed the benefits of the vegan diet and how it can transform your body.



After watching the movie, I thought “What if I go vegan for one month? Can I do that?”

So, I started the challenge.

You might ask me “Do you know what going vegan means?”. Yes I do. No meat. No eggs. And no milk and milk products. It was kinda hard for me for the first couple of days. I always wake up to a cup of coffee and I missed it badly. Drinking green tea as a replacement was a nightmare, but I did it anyway. It was also painful to see my friends eat biriyani next to me, but all I could eat was sambar and rasam. The challenge intensified when I went to veg restaurants where most of the nice dishes were based out of paneer.

I replaced my non veg diet with lots of vegetables and rice. In the afternoons, I opted for traditional south Indian meal comprising of sambar, rasam, and some form of spinach. And, in the evenings I had lemon tea instead of my usual dose of coffee.

After the first two weeks, I did not miss milk and milk products. The one I missed the most was mutton. I never thought I could live without it. But, I was able to. There were times where I thought about having a cheat meal, but my friends encouraged me and helped me stay on track. It was challenging and fun.

Last week I successfully completed the challenge. What did it do to me?

Less fatigue

I felt less tired during these four weeks. I did not feel sleepy or groggy after a meal and my stamina levels increased. I was able to run around throughout the day without getting tired.

Better skin

I always thought I had oily skin. But, going vegan had minimised that oily effect on my skin. It was better and I felt fresh all day.

More Savings

Avoiding non veg food and paneer based foods made me eat less at restaurants. Even when I ate, I stuck to normal south Indian foods that was light on the stomach and light on the pocket. I saved close to Rs.2000 this month (which made me realise how much of my salary I was spending on eating out!)

But, I would say staying vegan for one month won’t bring enough benefits. I am planning to continue this again from Monday. This time I am planning to stay vegan for two months. This time, I will couple my daily routine with exercise and meditation. I am planning to allow one cheat meal – once in 20 days to keep me motivated. Let’s see how it goes.

I will share you my experience after 30 days.

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