Love in the Time of Smartphones

Love. The word makes people laugh, cry, die, and most of the times, get high. And it has been called names – crazy, stupid, blind, fever (typical Kollywood style), etc.

Why talk about love all of a sudden? There is a reason. During the recent times, the landscape of love has began to change. Love is not happening the way it was a decade ago. It is happening online and mostly through our mobile phones.

Before technology, people fell in love when they looked at each other. People were present in the moment. There was a vibe. Our previous generation was able to experience that electric feeling.


Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

But now, people hardly lift their heads from their smartphones. They hardly look at what is happening around. If someone has to impress another person they will have to grab a few precious seconds of their online time. In their everyday routine of endless scrolling, people can scroll past you even if you’re extremely good looking or done something extraordinary.

Back then people had enormous amount of personal space. After work hours people found real groups and hung out with real people. They went out and made real, meaningful connections. People fell in love even during their daily commute. Now, when we board a bus or a train, we take out our phones and start watching YouTube. It is not just you. Everybody does that. We never lift our heads up. Even if we did, it will only be for a selfie.

And, after missing out on so many people and opportunities if someone realizes that they need love or a partner, they don’t raise their heads up from their phones. Instead they start looking for love through their smartphones. They install an app and swipe right all day hoping that someone would do the same for them.

Instead of waking up to reality, people stay the way they are and think that everything will be alright. Our phones slowly suck us in without our notice. And, in the process of likes, shares and page views we lose our time, fail to make meaningful connections and most of all, fail to fall in love.

I am not telling that minimizing your smartphone usage would magically bring you a girlfriend or boyfriend. All I am saying is, to have a look around so that when presented with a chance, you don’t miss it.

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