Why I Chose Chromecast over Fire TV Stick?

Last week I was in a position to choose between Google Chromecast and an Amazon Fire stick.

After several decades, my living room finally saw an LED TV. The Samsung M4000. Even though I am not much of a TV person, I wanted to buy an LED TV to watch movies and TV series on a big screen. So, when I decided to buy a TV, I also decided to buy a Chromecast or an Amazon Fire Stick as both the devices makes a normal TV into a smart TV (more or less).

When I analysed the devices, both were good. Both were built by great companies and support streaming from multiple apps. And the best part it, they are easy to setup. They fit right away into any LED TV, right out of the box.

During my initial research, I was a little inclined towards the Amazon Fire Stick. It came with a dedicated remote and I had also recently bought a Prime subscription. When I dug deeper, I came to know that it support streaming from all applications like Netflix, ALT Balaji, Eros Now, etc. And, also it came with a lot of freebies such as the 6 month subscription of Gaana, a 3 month premium subscription to Eros Now, etc. After several hours of research, I was fixed on getting a Fire TV stick.

But, I also wanted to check on Google Chromecast (I don’t want to miss out anything). When I checked, I found that Chromecast supports streaming from most of the apps that are supported by Fire TV stick. Prime video does not support casting through Chromecast (Clever move by Amazon!?) But, I can cast my phone’s screen using the cast feature in my Android phone, so that problem will also be solved. And, according to several reviews, Google has made the 2nd generation Chromecast faster than its predecessor.

After knowing about both the devices, I was confused. Both offered more or less the same features. The only advantage in Amazon Fire TV stick is that it came with a dedicated remote and offered freebie subscriptions for several services. But, when I thought about it, the remote was not necessary as I can control the Chromecast from my android phone. Also, if I get the remote I will have three remotes – one for the TV, one for my set top box and one for the fire TV stick. This would make things complicated. Why would I need three remotes for a TV!

I also considered the price. Chromecast costs me Rs. 3399 and an Amazon Fire stick costs me Rs.3999. The freebies offered by Amazon were tempting, but I am not going to use Eros Now or Gaana subscriptions as I already have Prime video and Jio Music (yeah!) So, I settled for Google Chromecast and it is amazing.

The verdict is, both are good options and I settled for Chromecast as I wanted it simple. It is upto you to decide what you want.

I will soon post a complete review about my Chromecast.

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