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VIP2 – Tamil movie review

VIP2: After the blockbuster hit of Velai ila pattadhaari (VIP) in 2014, Dhanush is back with the sequel. The movie had had a grand opening and I managed myself to catch the morning show today. Dhanush has penned down the story and the dialogues and Soundarya Rajnikanth had directed the movie.

The story begins with a clash between Raghuvaran (Dhanush) and Vasundhara (Kajol), the owner of South India’s number one construction company. When Vasundhara tries to make Raghuvaran work for his company, he refuses mentioning his plans about starting his own company with other VIPs like him. In an attempt to take revenge on Raghuvaran for rejecting her offer, Vasundhara does various things. How far does she go and how Raghu handles all the problems make the rest of the story.

Dhanush. The man has done an extraordinary job. He single handedly lifts the whole movie. He performs naturally and receives applause in the right areas. Also, he being the story and dialogue writer used his freedom to pen down the right scenes and dialogues for him. The rest of the cast is same, except for Surabhi (the MD’s daughter) who was replaced by Ritu Varma (who also starred in Telugu blockbuster Pelli Choopulu.)

Amala Paul and Samuthrakani had given spot on performances. Kajol comes for a good number of scenes, but fails to impress the audience. Vivek does more of a cameo role, but the scenes don’t exactly fit in. And, I guess if the franchise continues, they might show Thangapushpam’s character in VIP 3 😉

The screenplay is decent, but has its dull moments, especially in the second half. In spite of the short two hour ten minute run time, the movie seems a bit lengthy.

Also there were logical flaws in several areas. In the first part Raghuvaran advices Surabhi to not smoke as it is harmful to lungs. In the second half of this movie, he suddenly starts smoking. And, in the rain sequence, the whole city is damaged because of rains, except for his yellow colored tent on the terrace where the whole family stays. It is an engineering marvel!

On the music front, songs are okay. Sean Roldan had tried his level best to make his mark in a commercial movie. But, no other music composer can beat VIP’s original theme composed by Anirudh.

The climax may receive mixed reviews among audience, but I think it was okay. However, the story team could’ve thought of an alternate climax.

Verdict: VIP2 is a solid entertainer with the right mix of elements. But, it can never match the quality and mass appeal of VIP1.



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