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Hiring the right team is the key to a company’s success. Everything else, including the product takes the backseat. Great companies today have reached the status only because of the team they’ve had and have behind them. But, is it an easy task to hire the right people?

No. Hiring the right talent involves screening through thousands of candidate profiles, assessing them, shortlisting the qualified professionals and choosing the best of them. This could be easy for bigger companies as they usually have the resources and the time. But, imagine this process within our current startup ecosystem, where there are several small, yet growing companies that need to scale rapidly. is started to address this problem with the help of technology. is an on demand interviewer platform that helps companies hire the right talent. The Chennai based company will handle everything right from filtering candidate profiles to shortlisting the right people for the company.

When I was recently invited for the launch of the company at Chennai, I was really curious to know how the model works. At the event, Mr. Pichumani Durairaj, the CEO of the company spoke about issues faced by companies and how Interviewdesk would solve them. Pichumani is a former Amazon executive who has more than ten years of experience in the field of human resources.

Mr.Kiruba Shankar (left) interviews Mr.Pichumani Durairaj (right) at the launch event

Interviewdesk was his vision in order to bring together the right talent and opportunities. When he was looking for ideas, he decided to go with the marketplace model which can connect the right candidates with the right company. The process will be mediated by Interviewdesk’s interviewing experts. The service is also open to hiring experienced recruiters and is ready to pay them for interviewing candidates.

They claim that outsourcing the interview process would save companies 50% time and cost. It is great to see companies like Interviewdesk make use of technology to find a simple, yet effective solution to the everlasting problem of hiring the right people.

Unveiling of the interviewdesk logo at the event

The launch event was fabulous and had excellent business minds sharing their experience.

The Chief Appraisers of the event were

Mrs. LathaPandiyarajan, Managing Director, Varam Capital

Mr.ManikandanThangarathnam, Director of Engineering, Amazon

The Chief Motivators of the Company were

Mr.KumarVembu, CEO & Founder of GoFrugal Technologies

Mr. Bhupesh Nagarajan, Executive Director, Indira Projects, and Development

Mr. Lokesh Kanagaraj, Film Director

Mr. ArasuShanker, CEO,

It gave me a great experience to learn from people who have walked the path and have done the impossible.

I thank Interviewdesk for giving me a wonderful opportunity to be part of the launch event. Kudos to Mr. Pichumani and his entire team for building such an amazing company.


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