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Atypical – A Netflix series review

When the whole world was going crazy about “Game of Thrones”, Isat in front of my home computer wondering what to watch. I am not a big fan of Game of Thrones. Not that I hate the series, but I am not a big fan of fantasy novels and series.

As I browsed the internet for some interesting series, I came across the trailer of the new Netflix series “Atypical”. The plot sounded interesting. So, I started watching the series.


The story revolves around Sam Gardner – an autistic 18-year old boy and his efforts to find himself a girlfriend. The very idea of a boy who is afraid of lights, noise and too much people putting himself out there makes the series a compelling one to watch. The entire season traverses between six characters.

I wouldn’t classify this as a sitcom as it is not too funny. I was a little worried initially as I thought the series would be too intense and a tearjerker. But, the creator had tried to show the whole story on a lighter note. It has a lot of funny and light moments. I would classify Atypical as a light hearted comedy drama that tries to portray the life of an autistic boy who tries to live a normal life like the rest of us.

I loved the characterisation of Sam Gardener. His constant reference to penguins and Antarctica made me think about the boy from the novel “The curious case of the dog in the midnight” by Mark Haddon. I also loved the character of Zahid, Sam’s friend who often boasts about his talent for attracting girls.

They’ve also managed to have a nice length of eight episodes for the first season.

On the whole, Atypical is a good series that once again proves the choice of stories chosen by Netflix. I will definitely lookout for season 2.


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