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My Quest to Find the Best Kalakki in Chennai

What is Kalakki?

Kalakki is a traditional south Indian egg dish. The word “kalakku” in Tamil refers to mixing. Kalakki is the half boiled mix of beat egg, salt, pepper, and sometimes chicken/mutton gravy. This is totally different from the traditional half boil or the one side omlette.

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My first encounter

The first time I had Kalakki was in 2012. I was an ignorant guy back then (I still am.) I thought omelette, one side omelette, double side omelette, kalakki, and podi mass all meant the same thing. One night on my way to Pondicherry with a bunch of friends, we stopped by a shop on the roadside and my friend ordered Kalakki. The waiter came with a plate of semi boiled mass of egg with onions in it. It was delicious. From then on, the dish became my favorite.

But, I was a little worried as I was unable to come across a kalakki that is extraordinary.

The best Kalakki in Chennai?

And, after moving to Tambaram last December, I stumbled upon a local shop that serves an out-of-the-world Kalakki. M.K.N. Madurai Idly shop is a small shop located in East Tambaram. When I went there to have my dinner, I saw a lot of customers order Kalakki. There were more Kalakki orders than Dosa or parotta. So, I decided to order one for myself. When I took the first bite, I knew that that was the best Kalakki I had in my entire life. It was made with the right amount of salt and pepper with a good mix of chicken gravy.

If you’re around East Tambaram, head to M.K.N madurai idly shop and have a Kalakki or two. The place is also famous for its idly and amazing bun parotta. The place is small and lacks ambience, but if you want to have great food, you shouldn’t mind it 😉

Location for the place (Next to E. Sait Biriyani Cente, East Tambaram)

How to eat your Kalakki

This might sound like Vijay Sethupathi giving instructions on how to eat Nalli Kari (from the movie Vikram Vedha). But, I’ve tried it and this is the best way to full savour your kalakki.

  1. Order two parottas and a kalakki.
  2. You will get chicken gravy to go with it.
  3. Take a piece of parotta, and a piece of Kalakki.
  4. Dip it in the chicken gravy and put it inside your mouth.
  5. Repeat the process until the parotta and kalakki gets over.
  6. And, don’t forget to order more 😀

P.S: Recently I had another great Kalakki in Madurai. I will be writing about it soon.

If you know other places that serve great Kalakki, please post them on the comments section. Thanks 🙂

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Karthik Pasupathy

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  1. You made my tummy grumble with your kalakkal kallaki post.
    Waiting for your review on Madurai kalakki.
    Have a good day?

  2. Very informative, keep posting such sensible articles, it extremely helps to grasp regarding things.

  3. Will check this place out. Waiting to hear about your Madurai Kalakki.

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