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My Madurai Kothu Parotta Experience

Two weeks back, I drove down to Madurai to attend a wedding. On the way, I had the amazing Dindigul Venu biriyani (I will write about that separately) and the delicious Manapparai rice murukku. But, the best part was I stumbled into a restaurant in Madurai that served the most amazing Kothu Parotta.

The night I reached Madurai, I called my friend who is a native. I asked him to bring his bike thinking that I could explore restaurants in Madurai. When he asked me what I wanted to eat, the first thing that came to my mind was the parotta. I knew Madurai is famous for parotta and kothu parotta. So I said take me to a good restaurant that serves good parotta.

I said I don’t want to go for well off places like the Kumar mess, or the Simmakkal Konar kadai. I’ve been there already. They taste good, but they’ve become huge now. Fully air conditioned and stuff. I wanted to eat parotta on the street. When you eat spicy parottas, you should sweat. Eating good parotta is like working out. You need to sweat out a few calories to take in some.

Based on my requirement, he took me to a place call Janani Mess on East Maasi Street. The shop was really small and had most of the tables and chairs was laid outside the hotel. On one side there were people eating, and on the other side the master was skilfully making several plates of kothu parotta.

Kothu parotta is a blend of minced parotta pieces mixed with curry leaves, onion, spices, and a dash of egg. If you need chicken or mutton kothu parotta, you will have to ask them separately.

We ordered a plate of kothu parotta or “set” (is what they call it) first. It was instantly delivered to our table. The kothu parotta was amazing. The masala was perfect and it was spongy. The waiter poured on some chicken kuruma on top of it. It added more spice and masala with every bite. The spiciness did not take over in the beginning. It slowly added up with every mouthful and I felt the complete masala only when I finished the dish. It was an amazing experience.

After finishing kothu parotta, I ordered two pieces of normal parottas and a plate of chicken sukka. The chicken sukka was out of the world. It tasted several times better than what I had several fine dining non vegetarian restaurants. It was perfect.

And, to complete the meal, we ordered kalakki. When comes to non-veg food, kalakki is my dessert 😀

The kalakki was also exceptional. My god. I felt like I had put the jackpot.

At the end, we ordered,

  • 1 plate kothu parotta
  • 2 kalakki
  • 1 plate of chicken sukka
  • 2 parotta

The bill amount was Rs.160. I couldn’t believe it. For the taste and quality, that price was way cheap.

So, the next time you hit Madurai, do try Janani Mess. You won’t regret the experience.

And, by the way, I am writing this blogpost from a backpacker’s hostel in Delhi. It was my first time in a backpacker’s hostel and I am loving it. I will share my experience soon.

See you soon.

Until then, spread love.

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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