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Thupparivaalan – Movie Review

There were times when we used to think “what if this director directed that movie?”. It is an exciting thought to imagine how our favorite filmmaker would treat a particular story that was already made into a movie. I had a similar excitement when I came to know Mysskin is directing Vishal starrer “Thupparivalan” which is based on the famous Sherlock Holmes.

I was lucky to catch the show today evening and here goes a short review:

Thupparivalan – Story

The beginning of the movie says that the movie is based on Sherlock Holmes stories written by Arthur Canon Doyle.

The story revolves around the Kaniyan Poongundran (vishal) and Mano (Prasanna) , the private detective duo that is well known for solving several unsolved murders. They stumble upon a huge conspiracy when they set out to help a little boy who reports the death of his dog and asks the detective to find who had killed it. As they go deep, they find more blood, more murders, and more cover up. Every time Kaniyan (Vishal) makes a move, the villain is one step ahead. How does Kaniyan trap the villain and solve the murders make the rest of the story.

The story is well plotted and makes it hard for us to guess what is going to happen next.


If you’re into Mysskin movies, you will know about his screenplay. It will be a little slow in the beginning and will slowly pickup pace as the movie goes by. But, I felt that 159 minutes was a little too long. At times, I felt it was a little draggy. It the movie was short by 15-20 minutes, it would’ve been more enjoyable.


It is refreshing to see Vishal taking up roles like Kaniyan. He underplays and overplays in several places which makes it an enjoyable performance. I was a little worried during the introduction of the character, thinking if he would really fit into the role. But, as time went by, he makes himself comfortable on the screen. He was careful in not taking up too much screen presence, and has given more importance to story and the rest of the cast. May be it is because of Mysskin.

Prasanna does a fair job, but doesn’t stick in our minds as a solid character. Prasanna’s part could’ve been better. Vinay is subtle, yet terrifying. Loved his character in the movie.

Bhagyaraj comes in a role which lacks depth. The director, in my opinion, had failed to utilize a veteran actor/director like Bhagyaraj. Simran comes for one scene, but makes her mark.

World building

In Thupparivalan, Mysskin had visualized the Sherlock Holmes story in his own way. Even though there were similarities to the BBC series Sherlock, Mysskin had tried his best to build his own world. There was a right mix of explosive action and moments that make you feel for the characters – the nuances of filmmaking you could only see in a Mysskin movie. The action sequence in the Chinese restaurant was amazing. An excellent comeback for Mysskin.


Arrol Corelli, who was known for his famous violin piece in Mysskin’s “Pisasu” has done the scoring for the movie. The background score is amazing is the key to the movie. However, use of too much violin in all scenes makes us fail to understand the treatment of a particular scene.


Thupparivalan is definitely a refreshing attempt in Kollywood. The movie is gripping, has good pace, and a wonderful background score. The only issue is the length and dull moments in few places. If you are a fan of Mysskin and in mood for a crime thriller, I guess this could be a good weekend movie for you.


Would definitely watch if they make a sequel. And, something tells me that they will make one 🙂


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