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Know How Good Is Your Tinder Picture Using This App

People hardly look away from their phones. Where ever they go, they are hooked to their screens. So, if you want to ask someone out or even want to grab their attention, you’ll have to do it through their smartphones. That’s the reason apps like Tinder, Okcupid, Hinge, and Bumble are famous. You’ll have to sign up and put yourself out there for others to find you out.

But, the real problem is, most dating apps use the swipe action for like/dislike and it happens purely based on how you look in your picture (that you’ve added to your profile). A person may hardly take 3-4 seconds to judge you by your picture. So, the challenge is to upload a picture that appeals the other person and make them spend an additional second or two on your profile.

Dating Photo Analyzer, a newly launched web app, analyzes your picture using AI and tells you how good it is.

I stumbled across this app when I was browsing Producthunt yesterday. The app uses a bunch of AI algorithms to analyze your facial features, your posture and background, and gives you a score on a scale of 100. Apart from giving a score, it also tells you what is wrong with the picture or how you can improve.

So, I thought of giving the app a shot. I took two of my pictures and analyzed it using the app.

How good was the Analysis?

First, I took the picture which is my current profile picture on Facebook. I uploaded the picture and I got the score of 64/100. 

Next, I uploaded another picture which received a lot of likes when I uploaded it a couple of weeks ago. This time, I got a better score of 82/100.

In spite of this being a good picture, the setting it was taken and the lighting I was under were a bit odd. Thanks to Google Pixel 2, the output was good. The app had recognized it and suggested me to take the picture in a better setting.

From what I could see, the app is simple and easy to use and it does the job perfectly. I’ve uploaded this picture to my Tinder profile. Let’s see if it makes a difference.

If you’re already on dating sites and haven’t received any matches, analyze your picture and see how good it is. Add a couple of pictures with a better score and rest it up to the almighty 😉

The app is launched by Snappr, a website that helps you hire photographers based on your requirement.

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