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Darius Campbell – Small but Significant

If you haven’t heard about Darius Campbell, I wouldn’t blame you. He is a Scottish singer who has only produced two albums so far. One in 2002 and another one in 2004. Even his official YouTube channel only has 21 videos.

But, according to me, his songs are unique. They’re full of love and energy.

The first song of Darius I heard was  “Colourblind”. I think it was playing on the TV. The tune had a familiar country pop flavour and stuck in me for the whole day. The song portrays a man who tries to associate his feelings for a girl with colours. The part where he starts singing “Nobody told me you’d feel so good…” is the moment where you will start enjoying the song.

From that moment on, the song had always been on my playlist. There were times during my college where I used to plug earphones and walk int he road singing “colourblind” in a high pitch. (Yes…I’ve done that!)

Another one of my favourite songs is “Rushes”. The song will definitely create a rush in you.

His songs would sound more like the cover version of a boy band song, the songs are good to hear and enjoy.

Another good track from him is “Girl in the Moon”

Hope you like the songs.


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