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Eminem – The Rap God?

If you have the least knowledge about English music, you would’ve obviously heard Eminem or heard about him. If you’ve started exploring English music by listening to Back Street Boys, N’sync, Blue, Linkin Park, etc. the next thing you would’ve done is stumbled upon one or two tracks by Eminem. That is how I stumbled across the song “Lose Yourself” (like everybody else) .

“Success is my only motherfuckin’ option, failures not” is still one of my favourite lines from the song.

Since then, I’ve listened to almost every track of Eminem. His songs express different emotions. They’re funny, sometimes serious, or tell a story of a person. And, sometimes his songs are very creative. One good is example is the song “Guilty conscience” (Not safe for work though :P)

And, his lyrics have great rhyming. It  so amazing to see him pack a big stack of rhyming words into a cool, yet meaningful song.

Some of his songs conduct really strong emotions into the listener. I’d like to blast some Eminem when I am extremely happy, or angry. Try listening to “Kings never die” with your earphones. The experience is out of this world. You’ll slowly become part of the song and start rocking your head.

Some of his other cool songs are:

  • Superman
  • Real Slim Shady
  • Stan
  • Mockingbird
  • Rap God
  • The Monster
  • Love the way you lie
  • Not Afraid
  • Toy Soldiers
  • A** like That
  • River ft. Ed Sheeran

There are so many other cool songs, but I want to keep the list small here.

According to me, Eminem is one of the most amazing singers during the 2000s. He has redefined hip hop and still stands tall in the American music scene.

If you haven’t listened to Eminem before, this is your time to try.



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