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Obese People and the Trend of Skinny Fit Jeans

I hate shopping for clothes.

Reason? Trends keep changing, and so is my body.

But, lucky that I’m staying the same obese guy for the last four years.

Last week I went to an apparel store and asked for denim. The sales guy asked me “Waist size?”

I said “38”.

When I tried the pant, I can’t even pull them up past my knees. They were so tight on the calves and thighs. But, I knew that my size was 38 as I have a lot of clothes with matching size that I wear daily.

When I asked them, the guy said “Sir! These are slim fit jeans. They’ll be like this!”

“Don’t you sell regular pants? Something like a straight fit or a comfort fit?”

“No Sir! They’re out of fashion. Now, everybody likes only the slim fit.”

I looked around to see if any of the men around would fit into those pants I had. Nobody seemed like they would.

I asked him “Okay, show me the next size?”

“We don’t have the next size, sir. 38 is the last.”

I was pissed off. The entire four storey multi-brand apparel store did not have any regular fit pants. Everything was skinny fit or slim fit.

The brands that had regular fit was too expensive. So, expensive that I could pay a gym for three months, shed some weight and buy a regular pair of jeans with that money.

When I asked for shirts. The answer was the same.

“Slim fit”

I went to two other stores, and the answer was again “slim fit”.

This incident had posed me a question. Why, in a country where obesity and lifestyle diseases are becoming an epidemic, every apparel store is selling slim fit and skinny fit pants and shirts?

The conspiracy theorist in me started thinking what if this could all be part of a grand plan.

  1. Food outlets keep popping up everywhere, and food delivery chains bomb you with offers so that you can binge watch TV series and load yourself with calories.
  2. You end up eating more calories and put on a weight. You realize your clothes won’t fit, and you decide to shop for new ones.
  3. Apparel stores sell only slim fit, and you feel bad for not being able to fit into anything. Shops and websites direct you to plus size stores that are marketed as apparel stores for obese people.
  4. You end up having a complex when you had to go up to a ‘special store’ to buy your clothes.
  5. When you Google for a solution, you get ads and articles pointing towards the gym. Result? You join a gym where you pay a lot of money to reduce weight. There are no ‘slim fit’ and ‘skinny fit’ when you want to buy sports apparel. They come in all sizes. Why is that? Why is it hard to find regular clothes for your size whereas it is easy for you to find gym clothes of any size!
  6. Sometimes you might also end up paying additional money for fat burners and proteins.

This would make an excellent plot for a novel or a movie. Right?

Maybe I feel that way. Maybe I am not aware of shops where people could easily get their hands on regular fit pants.

This incident had made me realize that the concept of “Customer is the King” does not exist anymore. As customers, we can buy only what the businesses want us to buy.

P.S. : Fate did not leave me half-naked. I finally found a pair of pants for a fair price. They’re slim fit, but I can wear them with little discomfort.

Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik Pasupathy

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