Obese People and the Trend of Skinny Fit Jeans

I hate shopping for clothes. Reason? Trends keep changing, and so is my body. But, lucky that I’m staying the same obese guy for the last four years. Last week I went to an apparel store and asked for denim. The sales guy asked me “Waist size?” I said “38”. When I tried the pant, […]

Karthik & Stri’s Six Zones of Relationship

The most confusing thing about relationships is that people don’t know where they are in a relationship. This usually happens with men. Women are quite clear when comes to this (at least I think so)   When a guy and a girl spend a lot of time and they like each other (or have a feeling […]

Single? Everyone becomes your relationship advisor

DISCLAIMER: This post is dedicated to all the single people who’ve gotten tired of listening to relationship advise. When you’re over a certain age and are still single, everyone becomes your relationship advisor. During the recent times, I’ve been asked the following questions. “Why are you still single!” “How can person like you be single!” […]

Look up when you speak! Time to go phoneless

A couple of weeks back, I came across a post on my friend’s Facebook wall. It was about phoneless conversations. The post was about catching up with your friends over a cup of coffee or lunch. When I posted this, I never thought I would catch up with five of my friends within a week. […]

My Madurai Kothu Parotta Experience

Two weeks back, I drove down to Madurai to attend a wedding. On the way, I had the amazing Dindigul Venu biriyani (I will write about that separately) and the delicious Manapparai rice murukku. But, the best part was I stumbled into a restaurant in Madurai that served the most amazing Kothu Parotta. The night […]

My Quest to Find the Best Kalakki in Chennai

What is Kalakki? Kalakki is a traditional south Indian egg dish. The word “kalakku” in Tamil refers to mixing. Kalakki is the half boiled mix of beat egg, salt, pepper, and sometimes chicken/mutton gravy. This is totally different from the traditional half boil or the one side omlette. My first encounter The first time I […]

Interviewdesk.in Helps You Hire the Right Talent

Hiring the right team is the key to a company’s success. Everything else, including the product takes the backseat. Great companies today have reached the status only because of the team they’ve had and have behind them. But, is it an easy task to hire the right people? No. Hiring the right talent involves screening […]

How Much You Pay Facebook to Use Their Service?

If you think Facebook is offering its services for free, you’re wrong. Every month, you pay $1.27 to use Facebook. Wanna know how? Let me tell you a small story. Three months back, I decided to uninstall Facebook and Messenger from my smartphone. I wasn’t sure if I will be able to live without them. […]

Google Chromecast – A detailed review

Chromecast is what I am going to talk about today. It’s been more than a week since I started using the Chromecast and it is amazing! After yesterday’s blogpost, I thought of writing a short, yet detailed review of Google Chromecast. The Box Google Chromecast comes in a simple package. The box looked large at […]