Woody Allen on “Living your Life backwards”

This is not going to be a lengthy post. It’s going to be precise and right up to the point. Recently i came across an interesting message on whatsapp. The message was quoting the words of famous hollywood movie director Woody Allen. It tells how wonderful life could be if we live it backwards. I […]

The power of not thinking too much!

Its been a while since i updated my blog. I was busy with NaNowrimo – The national novel writing month that is organized every year in the month of november. I enrolled myself before four years and was able to do it only this time. I started writing a crime thriller titled “The Sanguine terminal”. […]

What it’s like to not feel like writing ?

It happens to me a lot. I used to be very eager about writing something fantastic. Something inside me would tell that it has something for me to write about. I will look all excited from the moment i get out of my bed. I could see a hazy image of the concept inside my […]

How to Manage yourself if you are a creatively enthusiastic person

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm” –  Earl Nightingale The word “creative enthusiasm” might sound new to you. If people who are googling about it, I bet you will find minimal results which are completely irrelevant to what we are talking here. Let us straight away get into what is creative enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is […]

How I learnt the real meaning of writing and Life

I know the fact that one cannot simply become a writer by watching YouTube tutorials on writing. One must write his ass off to become one. A year back, I used to be lazy to read books (even now I am). Even the thought of reading books would tire me. So what I used to […]

5 things to watch out for if you are friends with a girl

Its not like the olden days where its a big sin if we speak to a girl or be friends with her. Today the scenario has changed. These days guys and girls co-exist as good friends in the same environment. But a lot of times guys make some mistakes when they are around girls. This […]

Everybody is our inspiration

We often seek out for inspiration before we start something. We constantly go looking into the lives of some great people and read their autobiography in order to know how did they struggle to get the top. But we often forget one thing. Everybody we meet has a story to tell. Everybody has a story […]

Being Diplomatic is not a crime

I got a lot of criticism during my college for being diplomatic and manipulative with people. But i don’t consider those both as separate terms. According to the dictionary, diplomatic is having or showing an ability to deal with people in a sensitive and effective way. A lot of people hated me for being diplomatic. […]

Cursed single folks and the word called “Anna”

[NOTE: I am not talking about the entire female race here. I am talking about the exceptional ones. If you are not in the exceptional list, then you don’t have to get angry on me. ] There is a recent trend these days. Whenever you enter a new place, say college or office, the first of the […]