Love in the Time of Smartphones

Love. The word makes people laugh, cry, die, and most of the times, get high. And it has been called names – crazy, stupid, blind, fever (typical Kollywood style), etc. Why talk about love all of a sudden? There is a reason. During the recent times, the landscape of love has began to change. Love

I Lost My Identity to Be Part of This World

Progress. The word we often use in order to ignore the truth. The truth that our lives have changed so much, making it hard even for us to think about what was it like to live in a world free of smartphones, internet, and computers.

Smart Age: How new age social media content makes your brain dumb?

The age of smartphones has transformed the distribution of content and media across the internet. People no longer are interested in reading lengthier passages, and are obsessed with images and videos more than any form of media. If you want your audience to read something important, type that, convert it into an image, and post

Honest Resume of a Bio-engineering student

OBJECTIVE To find a position in a company that hires me even after knowing that I am a Bioengineering student. The company which  completely knows that I know nothing about programming and still manages to hire me trusting in my ability. QUALIFICATION (What exactly did I study ?) School Nobody cares about those marks anymore.

DERETEL : The Future of Shopping

During the beginning of the internet age, CEO of Apple computer Steve jobs gave an interview to the wired magazine. During the interview he was asked about the power of internet and its applications in the future, he told that internet will play a major role in commerce. He visualized a day where people can