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I Lost My Identity to Be Part of This World

Progress. The word we often use in order to ignore the truth. The truth that our lives have changed so much, making it hard even for us to think about what was it like to live in a world free of smartphones, internet, and computers.

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Me vs. The green stick

I studied in an English medium school. But, like every other English medium school, we all spoke in Tamil. We spoke in Tamil, we swore in Tamil. But, the teachers, as per the rules, spoke in English. But, we stuck to speaking in Tamil. The management had tried so hard to control the students and …

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It’s not a mistake when no one is looking

Yesterday I was out to meet a friend and I was driving my way back home. The sun was slowly settled behind the endless layers of concrete. The asphalt gave out all the absorbed heat and the evening breeze was doing its fair share in bringing things back to normal. I drove the bike over …

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An amateur love letter to the girl of my dreams

Okay! If you’re the girl of my dreams, then I am writing this for you. Even if you’re not the girl of my dreams. Read it! No harm. I am a beginner when it comes to writing a love letter. And, I blame our education system for it. When I was young, I was taught …

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What is the relation between molecular biology and global economy? (Never mind, you won’t read it!)

Recently, where ever I go, I only see two things predominantly. Food joints and pharmacies. There weren’t these many pharmacies or food joints before 10 years. This made me want to dig a little deeper into this issue. So, I googled the current valuation of the Indian food Industry and the Healthcare Industry. The Indian …

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What if we pay the politicians more? Would it change the landscape of Indian politics?

I’ve never thought I will write a post on politics. But, I am doing now. What made me do it? Well, a couple of days back I was reading a book  “When to rob a bank and 131 warped suggestions” written by Steven D Levitt, and Stephen J. Dubner. (the authors of the “Freakonomics“, the …

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Smart Age: How new age social media content makes your brain dumb?

The age of smartphones has transformed the distribution of content and media across the internet. People no longer are interested in reading lengthier passages, and are obsessed with images and videos more than any form of media. If you want your audience to read something important, type that, convert it into an image, and post …

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I can judge you because I have seen imdb’s top 250!

People are judgemental. They have been; they are; and they will be. But, the percentage of them being judgemental has increased in the recent times. The cool quotient of a person is decided upon where he or she is working, what kind of music he or she listens to, or what kind of movies he …