Deciphering a girl’s profile on Tinder: Mission impossible

Tinder is slowly picking up pace in India. For those who don’t know what is Tinder, it is a popular online matchmaking/dating app that lets you find singles in your area. Based on your location, you will be shown pictures […]

My next ebook “The Extra Men” is available for download

When you’re trying to become a writer, you write so many things. Random and whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes, you delete them off, and sometimes you feel the work is bad and leave it as it is and will […]

I grew up watching Tamil movies, and I feel happy about it!

When I lacked reading practice in my school days, everything I learnt was from movies. I am talking about Tamil movies. It is only during my college days I was exposed to the Hollywood and other streams of cinema. So […]

How practising photography turned me into a better writer.

I read somewhere that “Photography is the art of capturing a moment and making it live forever.” The same could be applied to a piece of writing. When I wanted to write, and when I tried, I couldn’t write. I […]

Things I learnt when I photographed my entire trip using a smartphone

Recently I traveled to Mumbai on a four day trip. When I was packing for the trip I took my DSLR out of the shelf and was about to keep it in my bag. I had to pack my EOS 550D, the […]

You create you with what you do!

I was browsing the internet, and stumbled across an interesting video where Jean-Paul Sartre talks about Existential choice. To be precise the video talks about what makes you, YOU! It conveys the message that you create yourself through what you […]

Smart Age: How new age social media content makes your brain dumb?

The age of smartphones has transformed the distribution of content and media across the internet. People no longer are interested in reading lengthier passages, and are obsessed with images and videos more than any form of media. If you want […]

Book Review – Ramayana: The Game of Life – Shattered Dreams.

During the past couple of years, people began to show a tremendous interest towards books that dealt with historical fiction. This scenario encouraged many aspiring writers to spin a mind-blowing narrative with well-known Indian classics and mythology as its background. […]