My next ebook “The Extra Men” is available for download

When you’re trying to become a writer, you write so many things. Random and whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes, you delete them off, and sometimes you feel the work is bad and leave it as it is and will […]

How practising photography turned me into a better writer.

I read somewhere that “Photography is the art of capturing a moment and making it live forever.” The same could be applied to a piece of writing. When I wanted to write, and when I tried, I couldn’t write. I […]

You create you with what you do!

I was browsing the internet, and stumbled across an interesting video where Jean-Paul Sartre talks about Existential choice. To be precise the video talks about what makes you, YOU! It conveys the message that you create yourself through what you […]

Book review: The symbol by Varun Gautam

Last week, I received a copy of “The Symbol”, a debut novel by Varun Gautam, an IT professional from New Delhi. I completed the book today, and I must say that “The symbol” gave me a good and different experience. […]

Book Review: God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian

Book Review: God is a gamer by Ravi Subramanian Hi, A few weeks back, I was browsing through the blogadda website and I happen to stumble upon a page that said that blogadda is giving out copies of Ravi Subramanian’s […]

Making choices is like breaking a cookie

Life is all about making choices. Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes bad choices. Every choice we make has a definite impact on our lives. It’s like breaking a cookie into two halves. Sometimes you get two exact halves; […]

Woody Allen on “Living your Life backwards”

This is not going to be a lengthy post. It’s going to be precise and right up to the point. Recently i came across an interesting message on whatsapp. The message was quoting the words of famous hollywood movie director […]

What it’s like to not feel like writing ?

It happens to me a lot. I used to be very eager about writing something fantastic. Something inside me would tell that it has something for me to write about. I will look all excited from the moment i get […]

How I learnt the real meaning of writing and Life

I know the fact that one cannot simply become a writer by watching YouTube tutorials on writing. One must write his ass off to become one. A year back, I used to be lazy to read books (even now I […]