It’s not a mistake when no one is looking

Yesterday I was out to meet a friend and I was driving my way back home. The sun was slowly settled behind the endless layers of concrete. The asphalt gave out all the absorbed heat and the evening breeze was doing its fair share in bringing things back to normal. I drove the bike over

An amateur love letter to the girl of my dreams

Okay! If you’re the girl of my dreams, then I am writing this for you. Even if you’re not the girl of my dreams. Read it! No harm. I am a beginner when it comes to writing a love letter. And, I blame our education system for it. When I was young, I was taught

What is the relation between molecular biology and global economy? (Never mind, you won’t read it!)

Recently, where ever I go, I only see two things predominantly. Food joints and pharmacies. There weren’t these many pharmacies or food joints before 10 years. This made me want to dig a little deeper into this issue. So, I googled the current valuation of the Indian food Industry and the Healthcare Industry. The Indian

How practising photography turned me into a better writer.

I read somewhere that “Photography is the art of capturing a moment and making it live forever.” The same could be applied to a piece of writing. When I wanted to write, and when I tried, I couldn’t write. I lacked the flow. I needed motivation. I needed something to inspire me to proceed further.

The girl I met in the hospital

A few incidents can change your whole perspective towards something. In a recent TV series episode, one of the characters will tell that everybody has a ‘defining moment’, a moment that changes their whole life; or their whole perspective of how they see things than before. One such defining moments happened to me yesterday. I

Honest Resume of a Bio-engineering student

OBJECTIVE To find a position in a company that hires me even after knowing that I am a Bioengineering student. The company which  completely knows that I know nothing about programming and still manages to hire me trusting in my ability. QUALIFICATION (What exactly did I study ?) School Nobody cares about those marks anymore.