How practising photography turned me into a better writer.

I read somewhere that “Photography is the art of capturing a moment and making it live forever.” The same could be applied to a piece of writing. When I wanted to write, and when I tried, I couldn’t write. I lacked the flow. I needed motivation. I needed something to inspire me to proceed further.

4 essential free apps for mobile photography

Almost everybody uses a smartphone these days, and this has tremendously increased the amount of images that we share every day. Every social platform we knew of has brought in features for their users to share images. And, everybody wants their photo to look pretty before they share them on social media. This made me

PHOTO SERIES: The Unnoticed

Today morning i was taking my usual 6.10 train to my college. I was too bored to listen to the music i had in my mobile so i started to look around. That is when i started observing a lot of things inside the train compartment. I could see a design, a pattern everywhere. Torn seats,

Brazilian photographer Alves filho’s creative 365 project

Every photographer stands unique only by the way they present the scene that unfold in front of them. It’s really rare for two photographers to say the same scene in the same way. Everyone is different and that is what makes every photographer special. Many photographers from all over the world try to do several

Inspiration Day: A simple plan to keep yourself creative

We all know how industrial revolution had changed the way we live. It paved way for the mass production of goods, consumerism and globalization. You might wonder why I am talking about industrial revolution all of a sudden. There’s a reason. As I can see we’re in the creative revolution. For the past ten years

2000+ Downloads!

It was in the December I got the idea of writing a small manual on camera RAW. I was given an opportunity to give a small seminar on post processing in my group’s (Chennai weekend clickers) 3rd year photo exhibition held at Chennai. Many participants came for the  session and I got some good feedbacks