Single guy? Society thinks you have a serious problem!

Sometimes you see a beautiful girl in college, or your workplace and enquire about her, people would say “She’s is so stubborn. Several guys proposed to her and she rejected all of them. What a bold character!” Let’s consider a […]

What is the relation between molecular biology and global economy? (Never mind, you won’t read it!)

Recently, where ever I go, I only see two things predominantly. Food joints and pharmacies. There weren’t these many pharmacies or food joints before 10 years. This made me want to dig a little deeper into this issue. So, I […]

What if we pay the politicians more? Would it change the landscape of Indian politics?

I’ve never thought I will write a post on politics. But, I am doing now. What made me do it? Well, a couple of days back I was reading a book  “When to rob a bank and 131 warped suggestions” […]

I can judge you because I have seen imdb’s top 250!

People are judgemental. They have been; they are; and they will be. But, the percentage of them being judgemental has increased in the recent times. The cool quotient of a person is decided upon where he or she is working, […]

How consumerism turns an average Indian citizen into a slave ?

When you take a bird’s eye view on the words consumerism you may find nothing odd. But there’s a lot more to it. Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater […]

Making choices is like breaking a cookie

Life is all about making choices. Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes bad choices. Every choice we make has a definite impact on our lives. It’s like breaking a cookie into two halves. Sometimes you get two exact halves; […]

Honest Resume of a Bio-engineering student

OBJECTIVE To find a position in a company that hires me even after knowing that I am a Bioengineering student. The company which  completely knows that I know nothing about programming and still manages to hire me trusting in my […]

Woody Allen on “Living your Life backwards”

This is not going to be a lengthy post. It’s going to be precise and right up to the point. Recently i came across an interesting message on whatsapp. The message was quoting the words of famous hollywood movie director […]

The power of not thinking too much!

Its been a while since i updated my blog. I was busy with NaNowrimo – The national novel writing month that is organized every year in the month of november. I enrolled myself before four years and was able to […]

We always feel comfortable in our comfort zone

After started writing, i started hunting for information from various resources on the internet. After doing some research, I came to know that there are a lot of wonderful  websites which discuss about a lot of wonderful topics. One among […]