A short interview with Pichumani Durairaj – CEO of Interviewdesk

Last week, I was invited to the launch of Interviewdesk – an on demand interviewer platform aimed at solving the slow and cumbersome hiring process that is prevalent in many companies. When I met the CEO of the company, Mr. Pichumani Durairaj he said that his vision is to help companies hire the right talent […]

Interviewdesk.in Helps You Hire the Right Talent

Hiring the right team is the key to a company’s success. Everything else, including the product takes the backseat. Great companies today have reached the status only because of the team they’ve had and have behind them. But, is it an easy task to hire the right people? No. Hiring the right talent involves screening […]

How Much You Pay Facebook to Use Their Service?

If you think Facebook is offering its services for free, you’re wrong. Every month, you pay $1.27 to use Facebook. Wanna know how? Let me tell you a small story. Three months back, I decided to uninstall Facebook and Messenger from my smartphone. I wasn’t sure if I will be able to live without them. […]

Science fiction is the key to the future

Science fiction writing had been a primary tool for visualizing how technology would look in the future. Writers like Jules Verne, Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov, and Ray Bradbury wrote exciting novels, short stories that featured advanced technologies decades before they were invented. What if businesses could put these stories to proper use by building […]

Google Chromecast – A detailed review

Chromecast is what I am going to talk about today. It’s been more than a week since I started using the Chromecast and it is amazing! After yesterday’s blogpost, I thought of writing a short, yet detailed review of Google Chromecast. The Box Google Chromecast comes in a simple package. The box looked large at […]

Why I Chose Chromecast over Fire TV Stick?

Last week I was in a position to choose between Google Chromecast and an Amazon Fire stick. After several decades, my living room finally saw an LED TV. The Samsung M4000. Even though I am not much of a TV person, I wanted to buy an LED TV to watch movies and TV series on […]

How to Set up a Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Blog

Hey guys! Recently I read a book “The Art of Invisibility” by Kevin Mitnick, a well known hacker and security expert. In one of the chapters he talks about how important it is to secure your website with an SSL certificate. Have no clue about what I am talking about? When you visit a website […]

Deciphering a girl’s profile on Tinder: Mission impossible

Tinder is slowly picking up pace in India. For those who don’t know what is Tinder, it is a popular online matchmaking/dating app that lets you find singles in your area. Based on your location, you will be shown pictures of single men/women in your area and if you like them you swipe right and […]

DERETEL : The Future of Shopping

During the beginning of the internet age, CEO of Apple computer Steve jobs gave an interview to the wired magazine. During the interview he was asked about the power of internet and its applications in the future, he told that internet will play a major role in commerce. He visualized a day where people can […]