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A girl. A song. A moment.

Sometimes, hearing a song can kindle an emotion, a memory, or sometimes both. There’s this song that reminds me of a girl and what its like to fall in love for a brief moment. I remember that day. I was fifteen when I saw her. I saw her once, and never saw her again, even …

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I Lost My Identity to Be Part of This World

Progress. The word we often use in order to ignore the truth. The truth that our lives have changed so much, making it hard even for us to think about what was it like to live in a world free of smartphones, internet, and computers.

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Me vs. The green stick

I studied in an English medium school. But, like every other English medium school, we all spoke in Tamil. We spoke in Tamil, we swore in Tamil. But, the teachers, as per the rules, spoke in English. But, we stuck to speaking in Tamil. The management had tried so hard to control the students and …

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Deciphering a girl’s profile on Tinder: Mission impossible

Tinder is slowly picking up pace in India. For those who don’t know what is Tinder, it is a popular online matchmaking/dating app that lets you find singles in your area. Based on your location, you will be shown pictures of single men/women in your area and if you like them you swipe right and …

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The hot idlis that gave me the chills

It was a fine morning in Bangalore. I woke up and looked around. I had slept for more than six hours. People usually say that you won’t get proper sleep when you’re in a new place. But, my system is an exception. When the clock hits half past ten, I doze off. No matter what …

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It’s not a mistake when no one is looking

Yesterday I was out to meet a friend and I was driving my way back home. The sun was slowly settled behind the endless layers of concrete. The asphalt gave out all the absorbed heat and the evening breeze was doing its fair share in bringing things back to normal. I drove the bike over …

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An amateur love letter to the girl of my dreams

Okay! If you’re the girl of my dreams, then I am writing this for you. Even if you’re not the girl of my dreams. Read it! No harm. I am a beginner when it comes to writing a love letter. And, I blame our education system for it. When I was young, I was taught …

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My next ebook “The Extra Men” is available for download

When you’re trying to become a writer, you write so many things. Random and whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes, you delete them off, and sometimes you feel the work is bad and leave it as it is and will start working on other stuff. I’ve done one such thing in 2014.  It was a …