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Know what the internet is talking about with Weavr.ai

A couple of weeks back, Amit from Product Tank Pune reached out to me to talk about an interesting product. He said that the product he wanted to introduce me to helps product teams and startup founders understand the market demand, gather competitor intelligence, and find influencers on any topic by collating conversations around a given keyword from over 1200+ sources on the web. This got me hooked.

I quickly got on a call with Amit and Avinash Harsh, the CEO of Weavr.ai who was kind enough to give me a demo of the product.

First few minutes into the demo, I said “wow” looking at what they’ve built…

So, what did they build?

In a recent article I wrote for SaaSBoomi, I talked about how there is always a gap between what the user wants from a product and what he gets. One of the ways for product teams to solve this problem is by understanding the users and what they feel about their product and how they compare it with their competitors. But, the problem is customers are often busy and it is really hard to get their feedback and know what they expect out of a product. Even though some of them come forward and give their feedback, a larger part of the dialogue happens in small communities, forums, and on blogging platforms like Medium, HackerNews, Reddit, etc.

Weavr.ai is trying to solve this problem by analyzing over 53 million conversations every day (across 1200+ sources) and presents the user with insights on what the users are talking about.

This can work wonders for startup founders, creators, makers who are working on their side-projects, and even large companies who are trying to make it big in a market or get insights on their competitors and high-paying customers.

Weavr.ai lets you perform the following actions with its platform:

  • Look for mentions of your keyword in conversations across the internet and tell how has it improved over time.
  • Understand the share of voice of your product i.e., the number of times your product or keyword was mentioned compared to your competitors.
  • Identify the influencers in the space to reach out to them and maximize the reach of your product or service.

Key Differentiator

The key differentiator of Weavr is it focuses on the technology industry more than any other tool. They cover sources like GitHub, Stackoverflow, hacker news, Reddits, and hundreds of niche tech forums. They claim that their knowledge graph and the ML engine are also being trained to monitor sources and receive updates on the technology industry.

The Good Things

A neat UI and UX

The first thing that impressed me was the neat UI. Navigating through the product as a new user was a breeze and I was able to set up a project and was able to see instant results on my feed within seconds. One minute into the product, I knew the product would deliver what it had promised on its landing page.

You can also drill down on the data and explore information from all the sources or filter them based on your requirement.

The silent, yet powerful ML engine

Analyzing 53 million conversations every day is no small task. At the heart of Weavr.ai lies a powerful machine learning engine that analyzes and presents relevant content to you. It also presents you with an option to train the machine learning engine whenever it throws you content that is not relevant to your keyword. You can do it by clicking on the Mark as Irrelevant icon present under each content item on your feed.

Weavr Boards

Weavr also has a board feature where you can pin interesting and relevant content. You can create multiple boards, one for each topic and make them public or private. Consider it more like a notice board or boards on Pinterest. A couple of places this could be useful are,

  • Capturing testimonials (from Twitter)
  • Creating a log of all press releases about your product and adding it to your website.
  • Helping your internal teams keep track of all the latest news on a topic.
  • Your personal bookmarking tool where you can organize relevant content based on topics.

Weavr boards also offers a browser extension that allows you to capture any article or piece of content and add them to your board.

Sharing features

Weavr comes with a wide-range of features that allows you to share information with your team members.

You can select items from your feed and share them in the form of a digest on Slack, Microsoft Team, Rocket chat, Weavr boards, or even via email.

Areas That Need Improvement

Editing Project information

Once you create a project, there is no easy way to edit it later. For example, I’ve added keywords mentioning five note-taking apps and I wanted to add one more. When I tried to add the item to the project, I couldn’t. Even the home page that shows all the projects, did not have the option to edit projects.

Later, I found out that you can add the additional keyword from the left sidebar. The option is too small and can easily be missed. (check out the small red box on the left sidebar on the page)

And, one more thing is, after adding the new keyword, you can’t save it directly. You’ll have to preview it, and only then you can save the new keyword as part of the project. If you did not click the Preview button, the new keyword won’t be saved to the project.

I understand the intention behind this decision, but it is not how we’re used to using a software. If I add something to the project, I will expect the Save button to work. Preview should be optional and not mandatory.

Ambiguity in Settings

The options Twitter and Twitter Hashtags under Settings show the same screen. I’m not sure what this section does?

There is an option to add RSS feeds from Medium and Reddit, but where will this information show up? Will it show this data on all Projects? Because I know adding companies and Exclusions will be applied for all projects. Will it be similar to Twitter keywords and RSS feeds as well? Shouldn’t Twitter keywords and RSS feeds be specific to projects? As a user, it is a little unclear to me.

Click Decoys

There are certain areas in the product that gives you can sense that you can click on it to get more data, but when you click nothing happens. One example is the trend graphs. You see the trend for the last 30 days by default. When I saw it, I was tempted to see the data for 60 days. So, I clicked on the date range that was present on the top right corner of the graph hoping to see the option to choose the start date and the end date, but nothing happens. I thought I was doing something wrong and later realized that I can only do it from the filter sidebar that was present on the left side of the page.

Naming conventions

There are some areas where the naming of a section throws you off track a bit. For example, the section where you integrate your Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Rocket chat accounts is named as ‘Outbound’. Naming it as ‘Integrations’ would have been more simple and relevant.

Creating your own newsletter

It would be nice to configure a newsletter from the news sources of my choice and set intervals in which it must be shared with the people of my choice. I remember seeing it during the demo, but it was difficult to find that option in the product.

Custom Domain for Weavr Boards

Some companies would like to use their custom domain for Weavr boards and would also like to customize the board to suit their brand by adding their logo and changing the color theme. So, it would be nice to have that option.

Adding additional sources

There is no easy way to add an additional information source to my project. Let’s consider an example where I have a set of ten websites that publishes useful information related to my keyword and I want to add them. I can’t add it to my project similar to how I add an additional keyword. I can imagine the overhead it will cost on the ML engine. But, it would be a really useful feature.

Support for Video sources

Support for YouTube, Vimeo and other video sources would be helpful as lot of review and analysis of products is happening on YouTube and other major video platforms. To make things easy, there can be a drop-down to switch between content and video feeds.


For the value it offers, Weavr is priced in such a way that everyone right from a small-time blogger like me to an enterprise company can make use of the product. The product comes with a free plan where you can get daily updates for upto five projects.