Insult ignites Spark

At many instances we face insult from a lot of people. We are usually insulted for being incapable, poor and weak compared to others. We often respond to those situations with rage and anger. But when we use those anger and frustration in a positive manner we could achieve a lot of wonderful things. Ferruccio

Does “Follow your heart” means “Follow your brain” ?

A lot of people who give motivational talks tell that “Follow your heart”. But the fact is you can’t follow your heart. Because you heart is located inside you so you cannot follow it, may be go along with it. I think that is what we are all doing till this moment. Going along with

What do they mean by “You should settle in your life”

The constant phrase every indian youth hears these days is “You should settle in your life” or at worst cases “When will you settle in your life ?”. Everyone from your mom, dad, uncle, aunty, maid, vegetable vendor will advise you to settle in your life. Every time a whole bunch of questions will pop

Spontaneity of Thoughts : A sleeping volcano

Thoughts. The very basic thing that constantly stirs our consciousness and helps us move to the next level or bury ourselves in our own miseries. Our thoughts won’t die until our mind is active. Our thoughts might be alive even after our mind is dead, but we don’t know it because we will be long

The secret recipe – what makes us different ?

Throughout our life we often compare ourselves or being compared with others whom we as well as other think are in some way superior than us. But is that really true. The boy who is sitting next to you might get one hundred percent in mathematics. But what if he didn’t study mathematics for the

The Writer illusion

[CAUTION: Bad language.I mean in terms or tense and Grammar] I am no extraordinary man. I am just a normal youth who wish nothing but a decent job, good money and happy life. Apart from what every common man dreams about, i have an urge to write something. To pen down every word that comes

SHORT STORY: Who is intelligent?

“Ralph! Please check the analytical and reasoning unit” said Kumar with a tensed face. Being the chief project manager for Artificial Intelligence manufacturing corporation ( A.I.M.C) was not an easy task. Their effort in building an artificially intelligent system with reasoning and emotional responses like human brain took three years to complete. Ralph, Kumar and

PHOTO SERIES: The Unnoticed

Today morning i was taking my usual 6.10 train to my college. I was too bored to listen to the music i had in my mobile so i started to look around. That is when i started observing a lot of things inside the train compartment. I could see a design, a pattern everywhere. Torn seats,