Creative use of Photoshop Brushes in your photographs

Photoshop brushes are nothing but simple brushes, like we use in MS paint, but it can be used in different shapes, rather than just circular and airbrush. Photoshop as a powerful graphic design tool gives you the complete freedom to customize the brush palette by loading brushes downloaded from various online sources. The brushes are

Silver 2 Sensor : Episode 4 ( View from the Window at Le Gras )

In the last episode, we saw how the idea of capturing images permanently, entered into the mind of Thomas Wedgwood when he was looking for a good teaching medium for children. During some unsuccessful attempts to make images using silver salts, he met Humphry Davy, a chemist who had a good knowledge in the use

Silver 2 Sensor : Episode 3 ( The Tiphaigne conception )

In the Last episode , we saw how 14th century had brought a revolution with the invention of Lens , diaphragm and photochemicals like silver nitrate and silver chloride. But we haven’t discussed what photochemicals are and what photochemical effect is. In 1694, William Homberg explained that some chemical compounds get darkened when they are

Silver 2 Sensor : Episode 2 ( Getting ready for a Revolution )

In the last episode of “Silver 2 Sensor (S2S)”, we saw how great minds of the past have developed the concept of Camera obscura (“Dark Chamber” in Latin) and used it efficiently in the field of astronomy and Art. During the start of 11th century, Silver nitrate (an important ingredient of film technology) was discovered