What do they mean by “You should settle in your life”

The constant phrase every indian youth hears these days is “You should settle in your life” or at worst cases “When will you settle in your life ?”. Everyone from your mom, dad, uncle, aunty, maid, vegetable vendor will advise you to settle in your life. Every time a whole bunch of questions will pop up in my mind when someone tells me this phrase. “What do they mean by settling in life ? what do these people want us to settle with ? And why do they care so much for us to get settled in our life when they themselves are not settled properly?”

The first misconception others have is that they think the settle is something related to a permanent state of happiness and fun. Its not. Every step to achieve that involves a constant state of pain and struggle. And if we attain a state which others expect us to achieve, we are pushed to a state where we have to maintain it for the rest of our life so that others don’t mistake us.

For those who say “Just two years, my son or daughter will settle in their life”. Let me explain what does the phrase actually mean. The word settle is not a stable one. It involves constant change at every phase of your life.

When you’re in your college you will hear your parents say “I want to get a good job and settle in your life”.

After you finish your college you will hear them say “I want you to get married and settle in your life”

After you get married you will hear your parents and relatives say “When you will get kids and settle in your life ?”

After so much pressure you get yourself a couple of kids. Now you will hear your friends and relatives say “Wow! great! you’ve got some lovely kids. A great family.Now why don’t you get a decent two bedroom apartment and settle down in your life ?”

You take 40-50 lakh loan. Sacrifice your vacations and holidays. Do overtime in your office. You wife will go to job. Sell beauty products and lunch boxes from home. You will switch off the Air conditioner after two hours because you have to save enough money to repay the loan every month. You will sacrifice the love for your wife and live on a mechanical routine for the next twenty years.

By the time you complete your loan, your kids will be grown ups. By this time, the word “Settle” would have deeply penetrated inside your brain and made you into a mechanical robot.

Now when you see your kid preparing for his final semester you go to him and say “Son! you should get a good job and settle in your life”. You will involved in the process of next generation robots who is going to satisfy his vacations and holidays for repaying another 40 or 50 lakhs.

Now you can see how one word has made you into nothing but a money making machine. The word killed all your happiness and peace to the root and stil made you think that what you are doing is right. Doesn’t that sound dangerous ? Yes it does. Everytime when someone says “you should settle in your life” , a wave of terror passes inside me. I feel that the entire society around me is trying to make a victim to the word.

According to me, living with complete peace and happiness is the real meaning of settling in life. It doesn’t mean you should settle with whatever shit thrown at you. It means to live with happiness and love things you do. If you make all the money without being happy then there is no point working in a job or living in a million dollar apartment. Start thinking about what you want ? If you can’t figure out now, keep thinking so that you will come to know it sometime in the future. It is never too late. Even if you figure it out when you are fifty you can live the next 15-20 years the way you want.

I want to talk about this for a long time . Finally i had the clarity and courage to do it. I hope i didn’t offend anyone. Even if i did, I just spoke the truth.

Thoughts and creativity are linked to our past: A personal experience

After i wrote about spontaneity of thoughts in my previous article, i got feedback from some of my friends. They were telling me that the idea of relating creativity to our past is confusing. A friend of mine also told me that the father-mother example given in my previous article is not relevant to anything i spoke in that article. It’s true. Even i felt that the example was mispositioned in the article. But i didn’t want to change it. I don’t know why.

Me and my friend we discussing about the example from the previous article and she asked me whether it is possible for men to sit simply without thinking anything. Yes. We have the privilege to shut down our processors for every now and then. It is even proven scientifically. You can see a very good article and video on this particular topic.

I was telling her on chat that men lack 900+ genes which are present in women. This is due to the evolutionary process. The chromatic aberrations in men for all these years had brought down a considerable number of genes. And sometime in the future this will lead to extinction of the entire male population.

She found this news shocking and she asked me “Then how will there be a growth in population if there are only females ?”. I told her that nature might find a way to solve this problem. Even two females can give birth to a child. Evolution could make this possible and the child which is born could be a male (due to chromosomal changes) and this might again give rise to the male race. I even quoted from the movie The Jurassic park where Dr Malcolm will say “Life will find its own way”. ( Actually they were words of Michael crichton). When i typed this on the chat box, i realised that i said something new which i was not prevalent in many science books. I realised that my past knowledge on evolution, human race and genetic mutation has lead me to a new hypothesis where i propose reproduction is possible between two female organisms in the absence of male species. This phenomena is discussed previously on amphibians and protozoans. But not in humans.


The above conversation clearly proves two things. Spontaneity of thoughts and how creativity is linked to our past. The discussion about something that i have done previously has given me an explosion of thoughts about lack of genes in male race, Dr. Malcolm’s quote from jurassic park, and what will happen to male population in the future. Also it has given me a new thought on how life would flourish in the absence of one sex(male). This simple example can prove how creativity is connected to our past.

We can think something new only if we know what is old and outdated. When we come up with something creative we have to know whether its already been done or not. But how to we come to those conclusions ? From the knowledge we get from the past.

Steve jobs says that “Creativity is connecting things”. Its true. Creativity is like a string of beads put in the right order. Here each beads refer to thoughts or experiences we came across in the past.

So everything we have seen or experienced in the past has a vital role to play in our creative thought process.

I don’t know whether this post has made any sense about what i was intended to explain. If you feel that it doesn’t kindly mail me at kart168@gmail.com

Your insights might give me a new perspective to work on. See you soon with something new!

Spontaneity of Thoughts : A sleeping volcano

Thoughts. The very basic thing that constantly stirs our consciousness and helps us move to the next level or bury ourselves in our own miseries. Our thoughts won’t die until our mind is active. Our thoughts might be alive even after our mind is dead, but we don’t know it because we will be long gone to sense its presence.

There are certain things about thoughts that makes them mysterious and at the same time interesting. Thoughts are highly spontaneous and explosive. Sometimes contagious too. we all would have experienced the spontaneity of thoughts. The hum of a song, the glimpse of an image, a scene from the movie, the scent of a flower, the taste of a dessert and zillion different things constantly bombards our minds with thoughts. Some of them pushes us to happiness and some of them pushes us to deep sadness.  

Sometimes it will push us into the eternal void of which will make us feel completely lost. It often happens to a lot of men. That is the reason at times when your mom asks your dad “What are you thinking ?” he would usually reply “nothing”. It actually happens to men at several instances. Our brains has the black hole for thoughts. Weird but true.

This spontaneity of thoughts will help us find a unique idea, or a solution to a never ending problem or even a masterpiece. One great example is Tractatus Logico-philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein. This book was considered as one of the best works of the twentieth century. This full length philosophical book was written when ludwig was an Austrian soldier in world war I.


Ludwig Wittgenstein


He always used to carry a dairy with him . Even during the war, he used to spontaneously remember things to add to his book. He used to hide somewhere and make a note of it. Later he finished the book at 1918  when he was a war prisoner at Como, Italy.

From this we realise that some of the best thoughts and works in the pages of history are not planned for a long time. Rather they are spontaneous. Some call this spontaneous phenomena as creativity when it comes to art and intellect when it comes to science. But the underlying phenomena is the same.

For those who ask how creativity or intellect works, i would say that they are nothing by connection of things that we learned in the past. But the most important thing is that these things should be connected in the right order. Steve jobs mentions that creativity is nothing by connection of things we learnt in the past. This would give us the answer we are looking for.

Sometimes our mind subconsciously connects everything and brings it to the surface which is when we feel the “Eureka!!” moment.

I can go on and on about thoughts, mind and creativity. But i have to put a full stop somewhere. Probably in the next article I will talk about how inspiration helps with creativity. I might have used the word “Sometimes” so many times in this article. I don’t want to use several synonyms for the word “sometimes” and make you sick. Maybe i will try something different for the next time. Have a good day

The secret recipe – what makes us different ?

Throughout our life we often compare ourselves or being compared with others whom we as well as other think are in some way superior than us. But is that really true. The boy who is sitting next to you might get one hundred percent in mathematics. But what if he didn’t study mathematics for the rest of his life and he becomes a biologist. The purpose of you being compared to him for mathematics scores is useless.

This is how we lead our lives every day. We compare ourselves with others in terms of happiness, intellect, love, beauty, knowledge and wealth. But the truth is, all men are wise. You might think that i am kidding. No I am not. All men are born wise. It all depends on how we utilise it.

Let’s put it in a simple way. Rajesh and Praveen gets a computer each from the same shop. Both the computers are of the same make and has the same configuration. Rajesh takes the computer home and uses it to play games. He involves himself in playing games and watching movies. Whereas Praveen learns a lot of programming, tries a couple of programs, does some reading online on how to use photoshop and starts a small freelancing business.

In the above example you can see that both the boys have given equal opportunities. But the way they both put them into use  makes all the difference.

I hear a lot of people saying that some of their friends who they thought will be fit for nothing are doing great now. We take all the time to become jealous about that person. But we did not think how he/she made that possible. Some people say that “It’s all luck”. But it is not always luck. Some people know how to acquire knowledge. Only a very few knows how to apply it.

But all these years we have been taught to acquire knowledge, mug up our syllabus and spit it out before summer vacation. We have never been taught how to use the knowledge we gained all along. The more right sentence would be , no one can teach you to put your knowledge to use. You have to listen to yourself to find it. It is like finding the light switch in your dark room.

This concept of self realization has been around for a long time. Many people spoke about the concept of what makes wise men different from normal society. When i was looking for literature reflecting similar thoughts , i found a website which had all the curated works of famous writer Ralph Waldo Emerson. He is highly regarded for his essays on various topics.

In one of his essays on intellects, he mentions the difference between a normal man and a famous personality ( in this case, he mentions about William shakespeare)

“We are all wise. The difference between persons is not in wisdom but in art. I knew, in an academical club, a person who always deferred to me, who, seeing my whim for writing, fancied that my experiences had somewhat superior; whilst I saw that his experiences were as good as mine. Give them to me, and I would make the same use of them. He held the old; he holds the new; I had the habit of tacking together the old and the new, which he did not use to exercise. This may hold in the great examples. Perhaps if we should meet Shakspeare, we should not be conscious of any steep inferiority; no: but of a great equality, — only that he possessed a strange skill of using, of classifying, his facts, which we lacked. For, notwithstanding our utter incapacity to produce any thing like Hamlet and Othello, see the perfect reception this wit, and immense knowledge of life, and liquid eloquence find in us all”

By reading the above lines we come to know that everything depends on how we use our knowledge. The application part is what we lack. If we could find the switch , then everything around us will be bright the moment we flip it on.

The Writer illusion

[CAUTION: Bad language.I mean in terms or tense and Grammar]

I am no extraordinary man. I am just a normal youth who wish nothing but a decent job, good money and happy life. Apart from what every common man dreams about, i have an urge to write something. To pen down every word that comes across my mind all the time. But most of the time i fail to do it. Not that i don’t want to. But i am really lazy to do it. Sometimes i try hard. I used to sit through the night in order to finish writing something which i have been  thinking for a long time and by the time i complete it , i know that its all crap. Its not what i dreamt about all these time.

It all started in the year 2004, when i first got the copy of “The Da vinci’s code” which was delivered to our home by Reader’s digest as a complimentary gift for our subscription to the magazine. I started reading not because i am interested in the story, but because of the controversy the book faced during that time. Also a brief review of the book was written by my favorite tamil author Sujatha Rangarajan in his weekly column Katradhum petradhum. I started reading Dan brown’s masterpiece and it was a completely enthralling read. I couldn’t even take my eye off the book for a week ( I am a very slow reader). When i completed Da vinci code, my dad got me other three books of Dan brown. Along with that he also got me a copy of Paulo coelho’s “The alchemist”.

After completing dan brown’s books, “The alchemist” was a completely different experience. The book slowly grabs you inside and make you travel along with the shepard boy Santiago. After 2005 i didn’t read many books. I was busy joining an engineering course which will duly arrest all my creative thinking and make me brain dead.

In 2007 i was sitting in my class and i saw my friend reading a book called “The sphere” by Michael crichton. I borrowed the book from him and started reading the first few chapters. Believe it or not. I completed the whole book in two days ( approximately 8 hours). After that i have read all the books written by michael crichton. His books had a personality, a futuristic approach towards science and technology. His books created a feeling that anything is possible with science and technology. That is the time the thought of writing came into my mind. The seed started growing into a plant very soon and i started writing articles in my class e-mail group which soon helped me start my own blog.

In 2009, I came across novels of chetan bhagat. It really simplified writing to a great extent. The simple language and a humorous narration kept me going until the last page of the book. Chetan bhagat’s books gave me confidence to write more and more. I even tried to adapt to his style of writing. But i dropped it later on because i know it won’t give me an identity. But according to me, chetan bhagat has revolutionized indian writing.

Since 2010, i was thinking about writing a novel . I read books of many authors like R.K narayan, charles dickens, O henry, Ashwin sanghi, sydney sheldon, Walter Issacson, Bill bryson, etc. But recently when i sat in front of my laptop to draw a rough layout for my novel, i was not able to do it. That is when i realised, i thought that i have read books of many writers. But i was still stuck in a small wheel.

After this incident, i started digging on the internet and came across works of many excellent writers. Their words and articles made me realize how big is the world of literature and how much effort is required from my side.

One more important lesson i learnt about writing is, there is no such thing called “mood” for writing. A talented writer should always be capable of being creative. The biggest mistake i make all these time is that i wait for the right mood before i write. But the quote of a famous american writer E.B.white gave a huge slap in my face. It woke me up from the dreamy world i was living in. The quote goes like this:

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”

After reading this yesterday i questioned myself the reason for wasting all these years .The worst part is i couldn’t find the reason.  But i was happy on the other side because i realized this before its too late. I still got a long way to go and every word i come across from now on, will take me a step closer to my goal. It may take a few months or several years to accomplish what i have in my mind. But when it comes out to your hands as a book you will definitely feel the difference.

I don’t have to make this confession. But it is necessary, for myself and for those who have the burning desire to write. At some point of time every budding writer will face this problem. Realising this problem and addressing it at the right time will still give you time to create something wonderful with your words. There is a saying that words don’t come from you, it comes through you. All you have to do is, prepare yourself to let the words flow through you.


SHORT STORY: Who is intelligent?

“Ralph! Please check the analytical and reasoning unit” said Kumar with a tensed face. Being the chief project manager for Artificial Intelligence manufacturing corporation ( A.I.M.C) was not an easy task. Their effort in building an artificially intelligent system with reasoning and emotional responses like human brain took three years to complete. Ralph, Kumar and George were in their final stage of system calibrations. Kumar looked at his Seiko and it showed 10.20 AM. Their presentation is about start in 10 minutes.

“George! Ralph!  We’ll go the checklist before the MD comes in”


“Physical connections”


“Physical memory and processing speed”


“Audio and visual drivers”


“Rendering engine”


“All systems up and running and everything look good”

Three of them were happy to see their invention ready for the presentation. Five minutes before the presentation, Ralph got curious and wanted to test the computer to make sure nothing goes wrong during the presentation. Ralph turned to Kumar and said

“How about we ask a test question and see how the system responds?”

“Sure….ask something”

Ralph leaned towards the system and asked

“Who is the most intelligent person in this room?”

The screen was flashing for some time and a scrambled voice came from the speakers


Ralph was shocked to see the response. Kumar and George were laughing at Ralph. Ralph turned towards them and said

“Ya. Right. Let’s see who’s brilliant among you two?”

George went ahead and asked the same question. The computer replied the same


Kumar pushed both aside and came near the computer. Before he was about to speak. The computer said:


All three got angry and scared at the same time. What if the Managing director asks the same question in the presentation? All of them will be fired. Before they figure out a way to solve the issue, the managing director of the company came in with his associates.

“Hello boys! I hope the system is ready for demonstration?”

“Yes sir” replied all the three with tensed faces.

“Hmmm. Let’s see how it works?”

The managing director went near the system and leaned towards the microphone. Everyone in the room was so eager to know what he’s going to ask.

He asked the computer “Who is the most intelligent person in this room?”

Ralph, George and Kumar were in complete shock as they know very well what the answer the machine’s going to give.

The screen flashed for a few seconds and a voice said “You’re the most intelligent person in this room sir”

The MD was very happy. He turned towards the scientists “Wonderful boys! You’ve done a great job”

After the MD left the room the scientists were so angry. Kumar sat in front of the computer and screamed at the microphone

“This is insane! how can you say that our MD as the most intelligent person?”

The computer replied


All three were shocked to hear this from a computer. When all the three were looking at each other, the MD was seeing everything using a CCTV camera. He gave a broad smile and said to himself

“This computer really thinks and acts like a human brain”

Karthik’s Life equation : The outcome of too much thinking

When I was in my school and college I always used to think that life is complicated. I used to tell my friends that life is a complex system with lot of things happening in random order to keep you occupied. I even wrote a quote in my notebook that “Life is a magic show that constantly keeps you under illusion till our last breath”.

Later on when I started thinking about why life is so complex, I found that too much of factors are involved in it. That is what makes it complex. You can see that an equation with too many variables ( like drake’s equation to calculate possibility of life on another planet) and a password with too many characters takes longer time to solve. The same thing is happening with our lives.


At each and every stage of our lives, many variables get added to your life equation. Your actions or the action of others in your equation strongly affects your decisions. You might ask me “Are you nuts? I can’t understand what you’re talking about”. Let me explain it in the form of an equation.

I don’t have a fancy name. So let’s name it as Karthik’s Life equation. I wish to see this in mathematics textbooks in future.

NOTE: I’m quite weak in mathematics, if someone good at it…help me sort this out!

When you are born your life has two variables: your mom and dad. Let x be yourself and Xm and Xd are your mom and dad

Xm + Xd = 0

This is how I’ve seen equations all my life (=0) so let’s assume it that way. Until the age of 10 or 11 the equation doesn’t change. You mostly depend on your parents. You won’t know much about how life sucks and you won’t have much burden into studies.

When you enter the teens you will have more friends, and you will also have an idea of what you want to be in your life. Your parents want to put you into IIT coaching so that you outscore the boy who lives next door. Now the equation will be

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xa + Xiit + Xtb =0

Xf  – your friends

Xa – your ambition of what you want to be in life

Xiit – entrance coaching

Xtb – test performance of boy next door

Ok now let’s don’t give a shit about the boy next door or iit coaching(Xiit=0; Xtb = 0). Still  your mom , dad and friend’s actions will have a deep impact towards your ambition. Let us see how.

Say you wanted to become an artist

Case 1:

And all your surroundings are against it. ( Xm=-1;Xd=-1 and Xf=-1). Now by substituting the values we get

-1 + -1 + -1 + Xa + 0 + 0 = 0

 Xa = -3

Case 2:

Say your friends support your idea of becoming a geologist (Xf=1). We get

-1 + -1 + 1 + Xa + 0 + 0 =0

Xa = -1

Now you can see how the opinion and decisions of others are making an impact in your life.

Feeling bad? I will make you feel worse now. Now consider you have a girlfriend. We can name her as “Xg”. You’re madly in love with her and you want her to be your life partner. So you struggle hard and get a good job “Xj”. The important thing of all is that your job is not related to your passion or ambition. Its something different. You work for a bank. But you still wanted to be an artist. Now let’s see the equation.

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xa = 0

Now, you earn some big bucks in the job and your parents want you to get married. Now you get two new variable Xgm and Xgd. Your girlfriend’s mom and dad.

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xa = 0

Now all of them are pushing you to get a two bedroom apartment in OMR. Now you got a new variable called bank loan. Lets name it as Xb.

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xb + Xa = 0

Now everybody around you wants you to have a kid. So you go ahead and get one. Your new born adds more weight to your equation

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xb +  Xs + Xa = 0

 Adding a variable to each step will piss you off. I don’t want to do that. So let’s roll the wheels forward and see how the equation looks when you’re at 50

Xm + Xd + Xf + Xj + Xg + Xgm + Xgd + Xb +  Xs + Xse + Xsc +Xsg + Xsgm + Xsgd + Xss + Xsse + Xa = 0

Xs – your son

Xse – your son’s education

Xsc – your son’s college fees

Xsg – your son’s girlfriend

Xsgm – your son’s girlfriend’s mom

Xgsd – your son’s girlfriend’s dad

Xss – your grandson

Xsse – your grandson’s education

Now you would’ve got a clear idea of what are all the factors stand before your ambition. This is the reason that many people die without being able to achieve what they want. They live their life by so many restrictions and take opinions and suggestions from too many people and complicate their lives. When don’t listen to most of them, they become zero. The more variables become zero, the closer you will be to your ambition.

You might ask me why you took so much pain to write all those equation. I would say, when I write it in the same in a couple of paragraphs, you wouldn’t know what’s there in front of you. Now when you look at the above equation you will be shocked to see how every person surrounding you plays a very important role in changing your future.

This equation is just a model. Sit down in your room and write down your ambition in life. Write down your own equation with people involved in it. Evaluate how close are you in achieveing what you want. You will get a clear idea of where you are and how much further you have to go, in order to achieve your goal.

PHOTO SERIES: The Unnoticed

Today morning i was taking my usual 6.10 train to my college. I was too bored to listen to the music i had in my mobile so i started to look around. That is when i started observing a lot of things inside the train compartment. I could see a design, a pattern everywhere. Torn seats, scrapped of posters, love notes scribbled by some stranger to portray his love to the world and lots more. For a moment i felt everything around me is trying to communicate something.

So I decided to challenge myself and start a small photo project. I named it as “The unnoticed”.I asked myself ” How many pictures can i take during my train journey?”. I thought it should be single day project which involves four hours of train journey ( to and fro). And i wanted to take many abstract shots. CameraZOOM-20130503074553320That is the moment i found that i didn’t bring my camera along with me. So i thought of shooting the pictures using my 2 MP camera. I am strong believer of “Good shots has nothing to do with a good camera”. So i started clicking using my mobile phone and by the end of the day when i reached home, i am not disappointed. I felt good for being able to bring out something hidden in those compartments all those years. In a way, i can say i am completely satisfied with the output.

When you’re looking at the pictures, imagine yourself travelling in a train and see how can you relate yourself to each picture. It may bring some good memories, some bad memories or no memories at all. But its worth the try.

For the first time, i tried something out of my comfort zone. I don know how you feel about it. Good or bad pour in your comments and opinions so that i can improve.

CameraZOOM-20130503072111937 CameraZOOM-20130503074821418 CameraZOOM-20130503075153371 CameraZOOM-20130503075315814 CameraZOOM-20130503075402035 CameraZOOM-20130503075717111 CameraZOOM-20130503080108043 CameraZOOM-20130503080225671 CameraZOOM-20130503080413410 CameraZOOM-20130503080619591 CameraZOOM-20130503113433678 CameraZOOM-20130503125451269

Similarities between Michael Crichton and Sujatha Rangarajan

I wanted to write a post on two of my favorite authors’ long time back. You might ask me what is so special with these two authors. There are so many fiction writers in Tamil as well as English. Why choose these two. Let me explain.


As far as I’ve known Michael Crichton and sujatha are the ones who brought the concept of high end techno- thrillers in their own respective languages. Both came into literature from different background. Michael Crichton came into literature after doing his degree in anthropology and medicine from Harvard medical school. Sujatha rangarajan came into literature after completing his engineering degree and working in BHEL for a couple of years.

Both played a very important role in educating the people regarding science and technology in their books. In fact both wrote informative books and manuals on computers and other science related topics. It is fascinating to see both mentioned about word processing programs in the 1970’s in their respective books. It is so amusing that both worked in movies as story and screenplay writers. Both their stories were made into movies. Some stories of Crichton made into movies are “Jurassic park, timeline, lost world, sphere, disclosure, rising sun”. And some of the stories of Sujatha that were made into movies are “Priya, Gayathri, Endhiran, karaiyellam shenbaga poo etc”.

Both of them has the same writing style. If you read a science fiction novel of Sujatha in Tamil you will feel like you are reading a Michael Crichton novel and vice versa. The flow of the language, placement of facts and description of the characters will almost be the same. And it is important to know that both lived in the same time period.

It is an unique coincidence to see two writers from different parts of the world having a similar writing style.

It is also very sad the both my favorite writers are no more. But the important thing to note here is both passed away during the same year, 2008.

These are some similarities between the two highly celebrated writers of English and tamil literary world.

Inspiration Day: A simple plan to keep yourself creative

We all know how industrial revolution had changed the way we live. It paved way for the mass production of goods, consumerism and globalization. You might wonder why I am talking about industrial revolution all of a sudden. There’s a reason. As I can see we’re in the creative revolution. For the past ten years we can see a tremendous improvement towards people entering into creative fields like art, advertising, photography and design. The available of various online platforms, digital equipment and social media lets anybody with passion and creativity to be a star.

But for young mind to stay creative, we need inspiration. When I started photography in 2010, I started it as a hobby and I was very sure that I shouldn’t see photographs of any other artists. I thought, seeing others work might affect my own style even though I didn’t have any. But I was terribly wrong. Without seeing any works of others and getting inspired we can’t be sure whether we have a unique style or not. I could see a lot of difference in my photographs after starting to follow the works of various national and international photographers. So I say it is very important to get inspired from others.

For people who say I don’t have time to look for inspirations, I would like to say one thing. If you didn’t know about what others are doing and what others have done, you won’t be able to improvise and learn about your mistakes and you won’t be able to think anything new. What if you do something and think that it’s never done before and someone sees it and say “it’s already been done. Haven’t you seen it? It’s all over the internet”.

So my advice is, keep one day in a week to inspire yourself. Name it as Inspiration day. Minimize your Facebook usage and try to look through various online resources that can inspire you.

Don’t try to look for inspirations on Facebook. You will end up sending friend request to some girl or landing up posting something in any of those confession pages. So try to visit websites that serve as dedicated sources for creativity.

Name every Friday as inspiration day so that you can get inspired and plan to do something creative on during the weekends. I am also planning to start this from this week. Let’s see how this goes. If you guys find it productive or not productive , mail me your experience. It will be of great help.

I’ve also included some website which act as good sources to inspire you and also lets you showcase your creativity

Photography portfolio


Photography Inspirations and Tips



The above mentioned resources are the one I follow. Check it out and short list a couple of site which you feel is comfortable. If you planning to start “inspiration day” plan from today, my hearty wishes to you.
If you feel this post brilliant or stupid, give me your feedback at kart168@gmail.com
Have a happy weekend ahead!