What do they mean by “You should settle in your life”

The constant phrase every indian youth hears these days is “You should settle in your life” or at worst cases “When will you settle in your life ?”. Everyone from your mom, dad, uncle, aunty, maid, vegetable vendor will advise you to settle in your life. Every time a whole bunch of questions will pop [...]

Thoughts and creativity are linked to our past: A personal experience

After i wrote about spontaneity of thoughts in my previous article, i got feedback from some of my friends. They were telling me that the idea of relating creativity to our past is confusing. A friend of mine also told me that the father-mother example given in my previous article is not relevant to anything [...]

Spontaneity of Thoughts : A sleeping volcano

Thoughts. The very basic thing that constantly stirs our consciousness and helps us move to the next level or bury ourselves in our own miseries. Our thoughts won’t die until our mind is active. Our thoughts might be alive even after our mind is dead, but we don’t know it because we will be long [...]

SHORT STORY: Who is intelligent?

“Ralph! Please check the analytical and reasoning unit” said Kumar with a tensed face. Being the chief project manager for Artificial Intelligence manufacturing corporation ( A.I.M.C) was not an easy task. Their effort in building an artificially intelligent system with reasoning and emotional responses like human brain took three years to complete. Ralph, Kumar and [...]

Karthik’s Life equation : The outcome of too much thinking

When I was in my school and college I always used to think that life is complicated. I used to tell my friends that life is a complex system with lot of things happening in random order to keep you occupied. I even wrote a quote in my notebook that “Life is a magic show [...]

Similarities between Michael Crichton and Sujatha Rangarajan

I wanted to write a post on two of my favorite authors’ long time back. You might ask me what is so special with these two authors. There are so many fiction writers in Tamil as well as English. Why choose these two. Let me explain.As far as I’ve known Michael Crichton and sujatha are [...]

Inspiration Day: A simple plan to keep yourself creative

We all know how industrial revolution had changed the way we live. It paved way for the mass production of goods, consumerism and globalization. You might wonder why I am talking about industrial revolution all of a sudden. There’s a reason. As I can see we’re in the creative revolution. For the past ten years [...]