Jurassic Park 3D : Revisiting the classic after 20 years


Stan Winston studios, US

Steven Spielberg was showing his movie to George Lucas. According to what I read George Lucas’s eyes began to tear up after seeing the movie. He said “It was like one of those moments in history, like the invention of the light bulb or the first telephone call” he said. “A major gap had been crossed, and things were never going to be the same.”

Pondicherry, INDIA

I was 3 or 4 years old (I am not that good in mathematics) and on a fine evening I heard my mom and dad saying that we’re going for a movie. When I asked my dad what is the movie about, he replied “They made a movie about some extinct animal called Dinosaur”. That is when I first saw the movie “Jurassic Park”. Even though I couldn’t understand a single word in the movie (I am not good in English either) I could see the grandeur of the movie and how it’s going to change the way we see films. From that time on I have seen Jurassic park several times.

April , 2013

I opened the newspaper and I saw the advertisement saying “Jurassic Park: 3D”. I was so excited to know that my most favorite movie is hitting the theatres again in 3D. From the day it’s released I was so eager to watch this in theatre and yesterday my wish got fulfilled at PVR cinemas. Before talking about the movie experience, let me tell you why this movie is really close to my heart.


First thing about the movie is, it is the creative marvel of my favorite writer (Michael Crichton) and favorite director (Steven Spielberg). I used to see this movie whenever I feel bored. When I was attending my first job interview I was asked to speak on any topic I like and I spoke about Jurassic park and guess what. I got the job!! Now you can see why the movie is special to me.

Coming to the movie experience, Jurassic park 3D is one of the best 3D movies which succeeded the 2D to 3D post conversion. Usually the conversion techniques suck for most of the times (some big budget movies went without a trace due to faulty post conversion process). StereoD, the company which performed the post conversion of the movie and Spielberg has taken pains to add depth to each and every element in each frame. For a moment you will feel like that movie’s shot in stereoscopic 3D. The conversion was that accurate. I got goose bumps when I saw the brachiosaurs sequence in the movie. It was so grand and awesome in the big screen

The visual effects were so authentic even after the 3D conversion. I still can’t imagine how they could make such a wonderful movie in the 90’s with so much accuracy. I am very much sure that nobody can recreate the same quality if they claim for a re make. And the sound quality is superb. That too, during the T-rex chasing sequence you will feel that the 120 bucks you’ve paid is completely worth it.

 If you ask me to rate it on the scale of 5, I would say a full 5.

It’s a classic and its proven again to be one in 3D too!

I’ve also attached the 48 minute featurette on how the movie was made. This documentary was originally released in 1994 in order to celebrate the first anniversary of  the movie. Have fun!

Migrants : Doll makers in Chennai

Travelling to a new place to do business and earn money is been a part of history for a long time. Some have become great men, some have become hero to their families and some have gone unnoticed. This is not the story of one man. It is the story of many families who earn their living in Chennai by making idols made of plaster of Paris. They travel as groups from Rajasthan, Gujarat and other parts of north India. They come here to clear their personal debts and earn money for their future.


Every day they work hard to make idols like Ganesh, muruga and saibaba by pouring plaster of Paris into their respective molds. They allow it to get solidified and then remove the mold after a day or two. After the idols were ready the women in the family will use different colors to paint the idols and make them ready for sale.


The dolls which are ready for sale are taken in tricycles to different wholesale purchasers. Sometimes they even take the idols to residential areas and sell them in retail instead of giving them to wholesalers. The peak time for their business is during Ganesh chathurthi during which they get bulk order to make large sized Ganesh idols.


Their hard work made them outsource manufacture of all Ganesh idols for Ganesh chathurthi which was made in a place called kosapet a decade back. The replacement of clay with plaster of Paris brought this change.

Their entire season is from 3-6 months within which they should earn all the money required to support their family’s daily bread and their travel expenses to their native. There are around 50-60 families in Chennai doing this business. They are located in different parts of Chennai like manali, thirumullaivoyal, vyasarpadi etc.

In the middle of all these corporate lifestyle and technological advancement which can still see people struggle hard for their daily wages. Apart from sharing happiness and sadness as a family, they also share work and burden involved in the business. That is what makes them happy in spite of what they do and where they live.

These images is just an effort to depict their casual activities on a regular day











Holi celebrations in Chennai

It was only in the last year I came to know that Holi is celebrated in Chennai (seriously!).That day I decided that I should somehow photograph the next Holi, my dream came true today morning. I reached sowcarpet at 6.30 in the morning. I joined my group Chennai weekend clickers (CWC) and started walking into Mint Street, where the biggest Holi celebration in Chennai happens every year.

There was no activity until 8 AM. Until then we were looking for normal street shots and kids portraits along the streets. At around 8, we got information that Holi celebrations were started in a nearby place called “Rajasthan ground”. As soon as we reached the place, we could see the color dust sprinkled over everywhere. That was a good sign. From that moment on we were dragged into the world of colors. We clicked pictures until 11 AM. I skipped breakfast and realized it only after reaching home. We were clicking with full energy and got a lot of colorful shots.

Especially the moment, where we were ran in a narrow lane to escape buckets of colored water and water balloons were super cool. I felt like I am in a video game. It was awesome!! . This is the reason festivals are celebrated. To bring out the joy in you. To do things that will make you feel like a kid and make you forget everything else in the world. Holi is one such festival that brings out the joy in you. On the whole, it was one of the best photography experiences till now. My thought is, if this is so much fun here how will it be in the northern regions. My next year target is north!!

I made a small series on Flickr called Faces of Holi – A small series of portraits taken today. I am happy to share it with you. Please take a look and give in your comments.


holi 01

holi 02

holi 03

holi 04

holi 05

holi 07

holi 06

NOTE: For those who missed Holi this year, don’t miss it next time! Even if you don’t have a camera just come and have fun!!