We’re Going to See a Lot of People Talk About These Topics in 2021

We’re stepping into a new year. You may be back from your walk, or on the way to the gym, or trying to finish that bowl of salad. Whatever it is, I appreciate you for trying. If we try every year, we’ll succeed one year. It may be 2021, 2022, or sometime in the future.
As we begin the year, I wanted to write something. I thought of writing about things I learned last year, but a million people have already done that within the last few days. So, I decided to do something different.
I decided to write about the tech trends we’ll be seeing in 2021.


A rise in the number of no-code apps and one-person startups

For a very long time, the only thing that stopped people (at least me) from executing their idea to build a software business was their lack of ability to code. They spend a lot of time learning to code and eventually give up.
But, the last couple of years changed the situation completely. The popularity of the ‘no-code’ movement is helping thousands of people execute their idea and make money without having to worry about coding.
Tools like Webflow, Adalo, Glide, Notion, and Carrd have already helped a lot of passionate people build web and mobile apps.
2021 will see a lot more of that trend. A lot of ‘one-person startups’ will pop up across the globe. Someone from a city in India, Africa, or Vietnam can make a decent SaaS product with no-code tools and make a living out of it. (A trend that helped a lot of professionals make a living during the pandemic).


AI will dominate marketing and support functions in Business

GPT-3 is single-handedly threatening the livelihood of marketers and copywriters. It did what email has done to physical mail.
We already have a ton of tools that will help you write headlines for your landing pages, write blog posts, and summarise large chunks of text for easier consumption.
While small companies celebrate this technological advancement as they don’t have to spend a lot of money on hiring a marketing person, the trend seriously poses a question to marketers and copywriters about their future and careers.
The year will see a lot of innovations in the AI space, especially trying to solve content, marketing, and support use cases in business.


Large companies will start sharing their office space

Covid-19 pushed a lot of companies to take a giant leap and establish a remote working setup. Several companies including Twitter announced that they’ll be working remotely for a foreseeable future. What happens to all those fancy office spaces that were once a primary attraction factor for hiring new talent. My guess? Companies would come forward to share their office space with other companies and their partners. This would allow a company to have ten satellite offices in cities where their employees live instead of pushing people to move to the city where they run the business.
Hybrid workspaces will provide working space for creators, startups, and will give employees of a company who live in the same city a space to work together.
On the other hand, a lot of software companies might adopt a hybrid working model where instead of expanding floor space and buying properties they will use the same office space to accommodate a floating crowd. This will happen if they have opted for an optional work from home policy and set rules where employees will have to work out of the office for at least two days a week.


A lot of people will learn about personal finance and wealth creation

The year will see a lot of people learning about personal finance.
Last year indirectly showed everyone how much they can save if they stopped spending on unnecessary things. With excess money in hand, a lot of people started investing in mutual funds, stocks, and IPOs. A record number of Demat accounts were opened during 2020 (431 million accounts till October 2020) and this number will continue to rise.
This trend can be attributed to services like Zerodha, Groww, and IND Money who simplified the process of opening an investment account,  suggest the right investment products, create awareness around building wealth. 2021 will see a lot of Fintech products that will make life easy for people who’re getting started with budgeting and investing.
Even though a lot of people say that investing requires a lot of time and effort, I would say otherwise. According to Peter Lynch, one of the best investors of our time, “If you’re terrific in this business, you’re right six times out of 10,”
So, it is okay if you screw up. You learn from your mistakes and invest better. Always remember that consistency is key to success in investing.
Morgan Housel wrote about this in his book “Psychology of Money”
“A good definition of an investing genius is the man or woman who can do the average thing when all those around them are going crazy.”
So, don’t panic. Don’t lose hope. Learn from your mistakes and continue investing.


We will start learning how to learn

For the first time, people are interested in learning how to learn.
As kids, we were told what to study but never taught how to learn, how to retain what we learn and get the maximum value out of it.
Last year had seen a revolution in this space. A collection of tools, courses, books, frameworks, and Slack groups changed the lives of a lot of people by showing them the benefit of learning how to learn.
If you’re interested to explore more in this area, check out this beautiful article by Vasili Shynkarenka.


People will start paying for software that protects their online data

People will become more conscious of their personal data and understand the value of online privacy. They’ll move to privacy-focused alternatives and wouldn’t mind paying a small price to safeguard their privacy.
With the effects of 2019 and 2020 having an impact on us, I think 2021 is going to be an interesting year for all of us. We’re always prepared for the worst but move on hoping for a better tomorrow. At this point, all we have to do is keep hoping. And at some point, we’ll step into a better tomorrow.
Cheers to a better and brighter year!