Karthik Pasupathy (aka KP)

Stop being too humble. You won’t get anywhere.

I see a lot of articles on the internet where people talk about the importance of being humble. They say being humble will take you places. I agree. But, they forget to tell you that being too humble won’t take you anywhere.

There is a thin line between being humble and being too humble. The difference is big. One can take you to great heights, meanwhile the other can prevent others from knowing about you.

In the current world we live in, we should be the marketers of our own talent. If you’re too humble thinking people will recognise you for your work, then let me tell you this thing. People are often busy with their own lives. They won’t be able to see your potential unless you show them what you’ve got.

I am not telling you to be arrogant or be a show-off. There is a thin line between telling “I can do it” and “I am the only person who can do it.” Always go for the first option.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you’re being too humble.

You will be perceived as a person with little or no confidence.

When you are too humble and hide yourself among the crowd, people will think you as the person who does not have enough confidence in his work.

When comes to becoming a leader, you are expected to talk about your skills and accomplishments and showcase your work with confidence.

You will lose leadership to others

When you are too humble, people who have lesser potential than you will talk their way into becoming a leader. You will be a follower, instead of being a leader. You will be working for a boss whom you hated when he or she was your colleague just because you thought its okay to be humble.

You won’t get to use your skills

You would’ve learned a skill with passion and commitment. But, if you aren’t using it at the right time, and waiting for people to find it out on their own, then you lose 100% opportunity to use that skill.

People will use you

If you’re too humble, others may take advantage of you. They will use you to get their work done. They will know that you won’t come out and say much about it. You will be the ladder for others’ growth. And, in most cases, people don’t appreciate the ladder they used, to climb to the top.

How to fix this?

If you’re too humble and are experiencing any of the above problems, its time to come out of your cocoon. Its time to spread your wings and show your colours to the outside world.