I'm Karthik Pasupathy

Author and Founder at Endangered and the maker of Privacyfirstapps.com. I am a published author and a product marketer. I love talking about SaaS, product design, and anything related to technology. My articles were published on

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Karthik Pasupathy on Writing Cooperative
Karthik Pasupathy on Writing Cooperative

About me

Hi, I am Karthik Pasupathy. I am a published author and a product marketer. I've launched three books on Amazon and have worked as a Senior Technical Writer and a product marketer for two of India’s biggest SaaS companies—Zoho and Freshworks.

I love learning new things about productivity, product design and marketing. And, the exciting part is, I try to implement them in my day-to-day life or into a small DIY project.

Feel free to browse through my blog, and feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

My books

I've published two novellas and a short story collection

Randomly ordered by Karthik Pasupathy

Randomly Ordered (Bestseller)

Randomly ordered is a snapshot in the life of an average man. During the course of his day, Karthik learns the importance of time; The fact that denim does not cause impotence in men; There is no need to fall in love with every girl one sees; And about a 13th century Persian poet named Rumi.

The novella is an attempt to visualize how our everyday experiences prepare us for tomorrow.

Hope and the Schrondinger's Cat by Karthik Pasupathy

Hope and the Schrodinger's Cat

When Karthik goes for a drive with his family, he finds out that a cat is hiding inside his car. But the problem is he couldn’t find where it was hiding. He tries everything possible, but the cat doesn’t come out. At this point, he starts believing if cats really have nine lives.

Hope and the Schrodinger’s Cat talks about how bad days can be bad, and how one should get through them.

Written with a Cursor by Karthik Pasupathy

Written with a Cursor

Written with a cursor is a collection of short stories that spans across different genres.

The book that starts with a conversation between the author and his cursor, takes the reader on a wild ride. Be it the story of how a seventy-year-old starts his own ecommerce business, or the curiosity of a man who wants to know what was inside the hidden closet in his office, the book is filled with surprises.

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